Gang who raped and abused vulnerable Keighley schoolgirl locked up for 140 years

Gang who raped and abused vulnerable Keighley schoolgirl locked up for 140 years

A GANG of 12 men who took “terrible and heartless sexual advantage” of a vulnerable Keighley schoolgirl before “casting her aside” have been locked up for a total of 140 years at Bradford Crown Court.

The Recorder of Bradford Judge Roger Thomas said the men had been “heartless and demeaning” when the girl, who was 13 and 14 at the time, “clearly demanded pity and understanding.”

“They saw her as a pathetic figure who had no worth and who served no other purpose than to be an object that they could sexually misuse and cast aside,” he added.

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40 thoughts on “Gang who raped and abused vulnerable Keighley schoolgirl locked up for 140 years


      personally I’m getting a bit bored of, let us see what look north makes of this.

      What is there to be made of “this”, unequivocally handed sentences.
      Sentences that reflect the depravity of such offences, I have been more concerned with what the judge would do, rest assured a good call by the judge, I hope the victim can accept such.
      I pray that she can move on with the rest of her life, and she can be an inspiration to other victim’s that you will be believed.


      • The so called ‘BBC’ has a duty to report in a balanced way. It is allowed an editorial point of view but after outlining fairly.

        What was again proved by the reporting tonight was the deep left bias of the editorial team. The perpetrators were described as ‘men’ who had variously raped and abused a vulnerable ‘girl’. There was no racial profiling of the crimes nor were the crimes described as ‘hate’ crimes. Considering sentences amounting to almost one hundred and forty years had been handed down, a piffling report; scheduled almost at the end of the main bulletin under other news and followed by a report glorifying an act of positive racial profiling for Beyoncé at the Superbowl and revelling in her identification with both the black power and black panther movements. it is entirely appropriate that a taxpayer funded service that extracts its fee under threat of gaol is scrutinised for bias and hypocrisy.

        Look North then followed with the same neutral reporting and omission of racial epithets or the dreaded hate crime label. Any fair minded viewer of the BBC cannot but gasp at the chutzpah when contrasting this reporting with the bile that is poured on the ‘racists’ and ‘haters’ should the perpetrators be white skinned. Normally in such cases, incidents are reported as racially motivated before due process. I remember fairly recently after being forced into reporting on grooming a subsequent report was gleefully despatched regarding a ‘racist stabbing of a van driver in leafy Easingwold. The unfortunate victim was Asian thus allowing the BBC to launch into ‘anti racism’ mode with gusto and without any of the requirement of journalistic integrity that might deem it necessary to check the facts. So early was the reporting that the facts had not been established, but why let that get in the way of some reactionary reporting to soothe the pain of have to report against the narrative.

        I have seen the reception are of BBC Leeds and sat and marvelled at the publications stuck on the blue hessian type boards above the ‘green room’ area sofas it suggested what Howard Kirk’s study walls might be plastered with the proviso that Dr Kirk was less radical and considerably less well paid than those with tenure at ‘Look North’.


  1. Vile brutes

    It’s easy to lose count but there must have been over 30 such group/gang trials since the first identified by Andrew Norfolk – Leeds 97 – with the pace very much quickening over the last few years

    There were 10 more convictions for offences committed in Rochdale last week

    And also 3 Somalis were convicted of gang rape in Manchester, tellingly there was a community demonstration in their support outside the court

    “their own families, who held banners aloft outside the court, proclaiming, ‘No Justice For Somalis.'”

    Of course the Rotherham trial is ongoing and upcoming trials this year include Halifax, Newcastle and Oxford – that’s 60 odd alleged abusers.

    This is a truly horrible cultural import, or imports, which has resulted in an epidemic of the most appalling abuse and other very unpleasant criminality..

    But it is not the idiot politicians(or stupid and deluded liberals) who encouraged large scale immigration from some of the most backward places on earth that have paid the price, of course it never is – it is some of the most vulnerable of our own people; who have counted for less than nothing.

    Hopkins deserves credit though, I see he uses the plural gangs here – the surface has barely been scratched

    “Speaking after the case, the MP for Keighley and Ilkley Kris Hopkins said: “In November 2012, I made a speech in the House of Commons expressing my horror at the fact that there were gangs of Asian men going around Keighley raping white girls. “


    • Mr Hopkins was mis represented methinks, what he might have intended to say was :
      ‘ I made a speech in the House of Commons expressing my horror at the fact that there people talking about gangs of Asian men going around Keighley raping white girls. “


    • What is truely frightening, is these lot, had committed previous sex crimes before, when they were 13 – 15? It seems there are several generations of these monsters, in this community and still there trying to pretend there’s nothing wrong.


    • ParsonAge says: “But it is not the idiot politicians(or stupid and deluded liberals) who encouraged large scale immigration from some of the most backward places on earth that have paid the price”
      Whilst I share your revulsion at this disgusting crime; let’s try and keep a sense of proportion, Azad Kashmir and its Pahari and Urdu speakers (the immigrant community that I think you are referring to) is by no means an example of the “one of the most backward places on Earth” . … and IMHO, that makes their crime worse.

      What is quite troubling to me is your use of the term “backward” to describe any culture.
      In the para above I have assumed you are meaning “Least Developed”, but I could be wrong, so I would be interested in what you actually mean by that phrase.

      Lets not forget that there are stupid and deluded ilLiberals,


      • It is backward – what else can you call it? 75% of marriages between UK Pakistanis in Bradford are between first cousins

        That actually is one of the key drivers of the grooming epidemic as the “noble” Lord Ahmed helpfully pointed out

        “Lord Ahmed said young Asian men want “fun” in their sex lives and do not have anything in common with their overseas’ brides, who can often be cousins.”

        though he has a singular idea of what constitutes fun in the grooming context it seems to me

        The other driving factor is the religion, or the interpretation of it

        “The men are taught that women are “second-class citizens, little more than chattels or possessions over whom they have absolute authority,” he claims in the column.
        “The view of some Islamic preachers towards white women can be appalling. They encourage their followers to believe that these women are habitually promiscuous, decadent, and sleazy — sins which are made all the worse by the fact that they are kaffurs or non-believers.
        “Their dress code, from miniskirts to sleeveless tops, is deemed to reflect their impure and immoral outlook. According to this mentality, these white women deserve to be punished for their behaviour by being exploited and degraded.”

        So there’s a toxic combination of factors which has produced something really, really nasty.

        If it quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck – it’s a duck; it is a backward culture, that’s all there is to it, and describing it as merely backward is a very generous assessment in fact.

        As for Hurrah for the Blackshirts, if all you’ve got in the analytical tool-box is a one-sized fits all view of history then interpretation and judgement is certain to be skewed and seriously awry.

        As I have pointed out a number of times both and Andrew Norfolk and the Oxford Serious Case Review asked for official research to ascertain why it is that Pakistanis have such a predominant role in group/gang sexual abuse. AFAIK nothing has been done here – the logical conclusion to this is that officialdom won’t ask the questions they might not like the answer to.

        However, RR, I am sure that you would be bound to agree that there are deep cultural factors underlying this plague – there are simply too many group/gang cases for it be otherwise.

        So as I assume you won’t be very happy with my musings in response to your post I would be interested if you would explain your own view as to the causal factors in operation here; doesn’t have to be an essay, a few well argued paras should do.


      • parsonage,
        thanks for all the Daily Mail and Telegraph links.
        now find some for some from less disgustingly right wing papers.


      • As always… RR trips up making issue correcting peoples spelling or silly PC when the discussion is actually about children being tormented and abused in the vilest way. Who in the world . except RR, cares a hoot about the term ‘backward’ when the issue the rape of children…. One can be sure the children concerned don’t care and neither should we…. Can somebody out there stop him……….I think the term OCD fits and there is treatment for it……


  2. 140 years was not enough for there evil monsters.


    “This is a truly horrible cultural import, or imports, which has resulted in an epidemic of the most appalling abuse and other very unpleasant criminality.. ”

    Majority of the perpetrators are born and bred in UK, been to schools and fully integrated.
    They were not imported.


      • @RR as a constant defendant of these monsters and this backward religion, please enlighten , all us uneducated, what other racial group, has been gang raping little white girls? , exclude recent arrivals from Eastern Europe, stick to the groups that have come to here can try, since the sixties.


      • odd the crimes of monsters are linked to the religion. No evidence that these monsters followed any religion apart from being born into one. If religion is a factor than how come the overwhelming majority are not involved in CSE?
        Can anyone provide any stats or figure?


    • Hit it on the nail, were born here, but here, Britian in the 21st Century, Liberal Western values, is not their culture. Why, because they cut themselves off from other cultures, because as sick as this sounds, they actually think they are better than other people. I think these People, need to have a good look in the mirror, there not seeing what the rest of society is seeing.


  3. 140 years sounds a lot but divided by 12 rapists and the individual sentences are not long enough

    I hope every day of each sentence is served in a tough prison with no soft option cell locations to protect them


    • It is noticeable that you don’t seem to be able to do the sum of 140 years divided by 12.
      As for your second thought, our prison system is not designed to facilitate rape, sorry!


      • There he goes again…RR…. There may be another sight suitable for people who want to learn to spell and get their sums right who would appreciate your need to be right all the time… As it is.. This thread is a platform for people who rightly are outraged at the perpertrators of this monstrous crime against the most vulnerable of our once noble society. ( yeh I know I spelt perpertators wrong)…


      • For RR . “Those who use their advanced knowledge to embarrass or humiliate others are the absolute worst. Yet, for whatever reason, language bullies don’t seem to get this, or they don’t care. Either way, they are out there at this very moment, lurking, lying in wait, ready to pounce. (They know you used the word nonplussed improperly the other day, and you will be hearing from them shortly. So prepare to feel dumb.) Source .. Found this and thought of you.


      • RR…You might be wrong on the ” As for your second thought, our prison system is not designed to facilitate rape” It’s amazing how natural justice operates when prison guards need to answer the call of nature” The child rapist gets first hand education on what it feels like to be terrorized and fear for his life….


      • Dividing 140 by 12 was not appropriate since one rapist only got THREE years. Should have been a minimum of 20 years in prison sentence and on probation / licence for at least another 10 years.


  4. Who cares what lord Ahmed says, his speeches are so far off the mark, you don’t know when rhetorically media influenced speeches finish and his bullshit starts, he’s consistently shit in all of his subject matters.

    Look at these goons you think that they are potentially good marriage material. And that they have life experience of loving something on the side.

    Please Mr Parsonage don’t give these low lives any credibility, or try to justify their actions, we know what they did and they did it knowingly.

    The majority that you will find in these depraved cases are criminally motivated. Please Mr Parsonage keep your subject matter relevant to what you read up.

    Apparently the world is these were Gang’sters peddling drugs, and using and abusing vulnerable people (because they were married to their first cousins and that is why quite a few of them will be spending yrs at young offenders institution) WTF Mr Parsonage say it for what it is criminal actions.


      • “A regular reader says:
        February 8, 2016 at 9:12 pm
        and could you please compress your previous post into a few bullet points, less really is more.”

        I wasn’t too optimistic that you would be able to respond to my request that you explain your own position in a “few well argued paras”, and your tetchy responses thus far have amply demonstrated that apparent inability

        However let me make this as simple and straightforward as I can

        The Oxford Serious Case Review stated that

        “The association, not of all CSE but group-based CSE, with mainly Pakistan heritage is undeniable……..”

        Why do you, RR, think that this is the case? How would you account for and explain it?

        I have given my view as to some of the underlying cultural factors

        Your turn

        Write something substantive for a change.


      • It seems that most contributers agree….. RR is a petty-minded, nit picking prat of the first order …..loads of useless experience coupled with a rightious self importance.


  5. Why is everybody picking on RR, we all know he’s a mouthpiece for the Pakistani abusers, they couldn’t defend themselves, so the elected this multi-cultural clown. Must be very lonely, defending the indefensible , unless your so warped, you think what they’ve done is normal.



    CSE apparently only seems to have a particular agenda attached to it, yes many commentators on here would only believe ‘grooming gangs’ are a complete explanation ( Pakistani ), by the associated grooming gang theory and associated connection with the Pakistani community.

    The shame is we sometimes can’t see the jungle for the trees.

    Synonymously accepted grooming gang Would be by default Pakistani. Wrong!

    So on the basis of defaults who are we talking about when we say pedophile ring. Wrong!

    Read the article above from the NSPCC.


    • I am glad you raised this topic Hotspot. The extent of what would once have been immediately recognized as deviant and harmful sexual behavior even in adults( let alone children) is now considered normal….The masses have conceded to the clever devils in high places….I am afraid our liberal , narcissistic society are not prepared to tackle the hard stuff to bring about a lasting solution.
      Those deviants involved rank from The House of Lords, to politicians to educators even Rotherham Councilors ( remember Mr Alan Atkin treating his fellow councilors to a night of pornography in celebration of his election) without reprimand or expressions of disgust from his team mates…. We parade our children like meat, their hero’s rock stars who have no conscience and encourage our children to be like them without fear of censorship or prosecution….. Interestingly I read in the newspaper on the death of David Bowie that he was known to have engaged in improper associations with under age girls. Rolf Harris in prison and David Bowie immortalized as some sort of god. What a double minded, double standard cowardly society we have become….
      I think in the cases of Rotherham CSE the main perpetrators were Asian ethnic groups. I agree in tackling that issue Britain must also tackle the bigger wider issue of a corrupt society….. A much harder task because it will take the character of a moral giant who will press on regardless of the whines and accusations of the liberal brigade….. That moral giant could even be a band of very determined grannies who love their children and grandchildren more than their own reputations and will call to account the useless leaders who, in spite of huge salaries can’t do their b….y jobs right….. Civilized societies use every legal means to safeguard society from dangerous preditors. When they don’t or won’t then vigilantes will try…………


      • Linda wheeler, things in Rotherham will be moving briskly to a conclusion over the next few years, in regards to CSE grooming, lone or systematically operating (media, religious or power influenced) perpetrators.

        The one thing that has been recorded locally is Dr Angie Heal report SYP, mentioned in a number of subsequent local
        reports (Jay/Casey) would make a lot of the misconceptions very clear, as I believe only excerpts of this report have been made public, but on the whole has been secured temporarily unavailable.

        The reason for this is probably for fair trails, this to some regard would explain the additional reasons relevant to grooming gangs and their systematic connections.

        Grooming is only a factor of CSE, in some respects an over representation by the Asian community (the majority of who in this category would then be identified as Pakistani) grooming gangs.

        This is not to excuse, but identify and remediate the problem.

        The thing that always concerns me is CSE is being misconstrued to mean grooming gangs and vice versa.

        Prevention is always better than cure.

        But when I see the bigger picture I see a different one, and one that seems to say no household has been spared by CSE or CSA.

        But now I see, Justice for Victims.


    • So where exactly in the NSPCC piece is there a rebuttal of the Oxford Serious Case Review’s unequivocal statement that?

      “The association, not of all CSE but group-based CSE, with mainly Pakistan heritage is undeniable……..”

      I see NSPCC reference Berelowitz several times – she is a discredited figure

      “Ms Berelowitz issued a statement this week saying that she was shocked to learn that Rotherham council was “unable to face up to or address the horrific abuse of children largely by groups of Asian men”.

      However, in 2012, after The Times first published reports revealing this model of child sex offending, she criticised the media for being fixated on Asian perpetrators and said this newspaper was pandering to the far right.

      Ann Cryer, the former Labour MP for Keighley who played a major role in exposing sexual abuse, said: “I don’t know why she was so timid. I’m just so disappointed that she couldn’t be more vigorous in her comments because there was room and need for it”

      Not a bad piece in the Daily Mail about the nasty and vile Keighley rape gang

      Community rallies round as usual……”it’s so unfair”!!!!

      ‘There is no evidence against them,’ said a young woman resident of Dalton Lane. ‘They were just charged. It’s a stitch-up.’

      Other residents told the same story. One was a close relative of Zain Ali (who was 17 at the time he committed the offences). ‘They have not done it,’ she insisted. ‘Zain was a lovely child. He was so polite. He would do anything for anyone.

      ‘Our children’s lives have been destroyed. It’s not just our kids who have been punished. All their families have got a life sentence and it’s so unfair.’……….

      and a telling comment

      “Anyone who believes that race and cultural differences are incidental to these scandals should study the evidence in this most recent case. The young victim was repeatedly called a ‘little white b*****d’, ‘little white sl*g’, and ‘white b***h.’”

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      Calderdale trial must be up shortly


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