How convenient!

MPs who are arrested will not be named

Ministers were accused of hypocrisy last night after ensuring that the names of politicians who have been arrested will no longer be published.

Supporters of the change said that it would mean that MPs were treated like any other members of the public.

A parliamentary review found that no longer publishing the names would protect “the right of members to privacy” under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The change was laid before parliament by Chris Grayling, the Commons leader who has been a fierce critic of the human rights Act.

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15 thoughts on “How convenient!

  1. “so the rest of the country can have no human rights” – John Mann
    Ah yes; I well remember those days before the Human Rights Act, when torture was legal, all press reports had to be submitted to the censor, no right to trial by jury, no free elections, concentration camps in every county. Thank God Tony Blair gave us those fundamental human rights we never had before.
    “Magna Carta, a poor peasant woman, did she die in vain?” – Tony Hancock.


    • @Giles.
      Going off topic for a while…….
      Giles. which Victorian novel(s) did you read to post such tripe?
      ‘when torture was legal,all press reports had to be submitted to the censor, no free elections, concentration camps in every county.’

      We live in Britain and as far as I am aware this blog is about Rotherham (mainly) and sometimes about other areas of our beautiful island.
      None of the statements you made apply to my country and your thanks to the Almighty that St.Anthony of Blair ‘gave us those fundamental human rights we never had before’ is pure fantasy.
      One of the reasons Blair lost the plot is because on his 40th birthday Cherie (Her of the property empire) had to remind him he was not Supreme Ruler of The Known Universe.
      It all went downhill after that………


      • Er, Colin, the clue was in the Hancock quote. “Magna Carta … did she die in vain?”. My point was that the UK virtually invented human rights. We kept ours whilst others with more imposing paper barriers such as written constitutions fell under the heels of tyrants. I think the HRA has undermined both human rights and the best guarantee thereof – democracy. I don’t believe rights derive from or are protected by pieces of paper. The only guarantee of liberty is a free people armed with the ballot.
        Best Wishes


  2. In the case of MPs, there could well be some other signs that an MP was in trouble with the law.
    Keeping a good eye out for those might pay dividends?


  3. In this day and age details withheld by media in the UK can sometimes be viewed on foreign websites, many of which have English language sections.


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