17 thoughts on “Two we may have missed?

  1. What date is it?

    As he healey claimed he did not know any thing ya honour ?

    and that his cllr and police chums never said owt to him since 1997?


      • This interview is post Jay report.

        The links above are pre Jay report.

        I for one agree with John Healey MP, that the good people of Rotherham deserved an independent inquiry, he isn’t being dishonest, if that is the jam your looking for.

        The good people of RMBC children’s services at the time and some of the CLLR’s at the helm of the same, failed in their duty to protect. The same goes for the police.

        Read the Jay/Casey reports they both come with time lines, and today’s topic is wishful assumptions.

        Please keep up!

        Thanks none the less Sarah Alice, a year and a half after the revelations we are coming to a different conclusion, the witch hunt should be still at the door of RMBC and the Police.

        What has this still got to do with the price of jam.


    • Sticky one that!
      Don’t fret a whole posse of apologists are working on a line to feed us all.
      We used to have dark satanic mills we now have dark satanic town halls full of a new wave of daemons to torture society and abuse all who are not with them.


      • The websites on timeline appears to contradict?

        What’s the scale got to do with it?

        Whether it’s 1 or 1400 John it is still unacceptable to turn a blind eye?


    • I agree that it is less relevant than the letter pre Jay refusing to support the call for an inquiry due to the likelihood it would focus on Asian gangs targeting white girls, ie the phenomenon that had made Rotherham capital of the rape industry. That letter made clear that his correspondent had informed him of the failure of RMBC and SYP to act but that was not enough at that time to persuade him outside investigation was needed.
      He supported Jay at the point when the whole disgraced crew (Stone et al) decided they had to consent to an inquiry due to so much being public. It is not unreasonable to suspect that they hoped Jay would cover up for them or otherwise fail to get to the bottom of the matter.


  2. The websites on timeline appears to contradict?

    What’s the scale got to do with it?

    Whether it’s 1 or 1400 John it is still unacceptable to turn a blind eye?


  3. His Secreyary until just recently is the wife of the ex Chairman of South Yorkshire Police Authority, who retired as Shaun Wright took over as Police Commissioner. So did he know?


  4. HMRC has a well known authority known as ‘The Kittle Principle’ it say’s (and many companies have lost billions on this ruling) it says, THEY KNEW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN

    When you attach this to trading it is almost impossible to know what your suppliers are covering up as it is related to EMTIC or VAT fraud.

    As far as the Rotherham MP’s are concerned

    Did They Know? Or Should They Have Known.

    My opinion is that it might have been impossible for MP’s not to have listened to their constituents who DID know or to the Councillors who might have known. A response from one of my very good ‘scouse’ friends was : ‘They do dow don’t dey dow”

    One day the truth will emerge.

    Out of Darkness March 11 maybe the explosion of truth.


  5. What seems to be forgotten it is and was a Labour controlled council they are Labour MPs they would all meet together in constituency meetings. So are we to believe that the subject was never discussed, frankly I find that hard to believe.
    Dave Smith


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