Defend Rotherham 12 campaign launched

Stop Press: Looks like Sarah Champion has wisely declined to attend:


Defend Rotherham 12 campaign launched

A defence campaign is being launched in Rotherham to support a group of 12 Asian men facing trial later this year.

They are charged with violent disorder following a march by the Nazi Britain First last September.

The public launch of the “Defend the Rotherham 12” campaign will take place in the town on Saturday 27 February.

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Protest marks a breakthrough for anti-racists in Rotherham

Some 400 anti-racists gathered in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, last Saturday to oppose the Nazi Britain First group and remember a murdered Muslim man.

Many felt the demonstration, boosted by a big turnout from Asian people, was a breakthrough in the battle against racism in the town.

Protesters gathered in All Saints Square. They paid their respects to Mushin Ahmed, an 81 year old Muslim who died recently after being attacked in Rotherham.

Britain First drew no more than 170 to a racist march.

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Man pleads guilty to playing part in violent clashes after Rotherham protests

A man has pleaded guilty to taking part in violent clashes following demonstrations in Rotherham in September.

Mahroof Sultan, aged 36, of Grosvenor Road, Eastwood, admitted a charge of violent disorder when he appeared at Sheffield Crown Court today alongside 11 other defendants.

He admitted playing a part in serious disorder involving clashes between rival groups in Rotherham town centre following a Britain First-led demonstration and counter-protest by Unite Against Fascism on September 5.

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Mahroof Sultan some previous:

Gang of four men jailed for abducting teenage girl and holding her to ransom over late £400 rent payment

Four men who abducted a teenage girl and held her to ransom over a £400 bill for rent arrears started jail terms yesterday.

The gang grabbed Beata Daniova, 13, and took her from a friend’s home in Tinsley, Sheffield, before warning her mother that she wouldn’t see her daughter until the outstanding rent was paid.

The four men were told they would spend a total of 10 years in prison for blackmail and abduction.

Sheffield Crown Court was told that landlord Mahroof Sultan, 28, was owed £400 in rent.

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16 thoughts on “Defend Rotherham 12 campaign launched

  1. When was SWP’s defend the Rotherham 1400 campaign launched ? Wasn’t one member of the ‘Nazi’ BF waving an Isreali flag at one of their Rotherham protests ?


    • Anybody who protests about child abuse according to the SWP muppets is a racist.
      Why have they decided not to support the local white lads. Who’s the racists?


  2. Why are 12 Asian men considered more worthy by a lefty inspired ‘Defence Group’ than the 7 Caucasians who are also charged with disorder?
    This is the sort of racism the left is supposed to be committed to eradicating.
    Perhaps in Socialist Worker land some are more equal than others?
    George Orwell, eat your heart out.


  3. Is this the same Socialist Workers Party that has been involved in a massive cover-up of the rape of female party members by one of the leaders?
    I seem to remember that a female TUSC parliamentary candidate in Sheffield was at the heart of the cover-up.
    Quite disgraceful.


  4. Irrespective of the ‘Dirty Dozens’ ‘ bogus claims and interference in due process, what is more depressingly telling is the apparent craven appeasement offered them by SYP and PCC Billings. Are any of the Britain First accused being offered the same service?


  5. Another Hussain family PR stunt..we shall see who actually turns up to speak..

    To the list Of speakers I am adding:

    Nelson Mandela, via an intermediary.
    Barrack Obama
    And Santa Claus


    • A gilded list of speakers!
      … and I heard a rumour that Abu Simbel was expected to be there.
      However the “press release” does say that “The ‘Rotherham 12 Defence Campaign’ will be officially launched on the 27th of February 2016. The campaign is being led and co-ordinated by Suresh Grover from The Monitoring Group. Suresh has been a lifelong campaigner against injustice and racism. Most notably, Suresh has led the political campaign for Stephen Lawrence’s family.”
      He surely most have been contacted before that was written.
      It looks to me that Mubeen is trying to model everything of the “Bradford 12” case of 1981. Mansfield was a defence council and Grover was also heavily involved then.


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