PE – Rotherham, a town made famous

This weeks Private Eye contains this little gem. We are indebted to the supplier of the scan:



9 thoughts on “PE – Rotherham, a town made famous

  1. What surprised me when I first read the piece in Private Eye was the “for years councillors and senior officers believed that frontline youth workers were exaggerating the problem” line.
    My understanding is that, at best both “councillors and senior officers” were in utter denial, and some councillors may well have been involved in a potentially criminal cover-up. But I could be wrong.


    • For goodness sake (if this be true) councilors and senior officers should be faced with the prospect of jail if proved beyond reasonable doubt…. Incidently what are the commissioners doing to address this criminal activity in the Town Hall.? Even private detectives might do a better job of uncovering the truth and be cheaper…..
      @ RR… try to overcome the compulsion to focus on my ( or anyone else’s ) spelling mistakes and go for the real issue… I know you can do it…..


      • Dear Ms Wheeler
        what you don’t know is that I scanned and sent the Private Eye image above to rothpol, in fact probably some 20% of his topics are provided by images/links I have e-mailed him.
        As for my concentrating on others spelling mistakes, you are utterly mistaken.
        I’m a fairly typical left handed maths grad dyslexic, I seldom/never see other peoples spelling mistakes, and must rely on a spelling checker to correct my own.


      • Thanks for the reply RR… As for ” I seldom/never see other peoples spelling mistakes” is puzzling. I suspect a few and perhaps many like myself have cringed that the purpose of our comments on this blog have been trivialized by your consistent need to correct grammer/spelling or anything else you need to publically criticize that has nothing to do with the topic we are concerned about.
        I respect and am aware that much of the topics for comment on this sight are supplied by you…. They bear your stamp so to speak…..
        However Reg, I believe even a child who can’t spell or apply correct grammer or don’t know how to use a spell check can know more about what is right and wrong than some clever devil in the Rotherham Town hall or anywhere else in the seats of power. I would like you and I to be courteous to each other in our comments for the greater good of all who wish to comment on this sight…


    • R.R. You are not wrong. The cover up is ongoing and includes serving and former police officers, councillors and RMBC managers. Sadly the intimidation (ranging from threats of physical violence to warnings that mothers will have their children removed) is currently proving effective in preventing many people from going on the record.


  2. What sort of detached supercilious t**t would contrive a term like “customer journey” in relation to a subject that is so sensitive to the town.

    I wonder if those women who are currently attending court everyday, facing their abusers, are happy to learn how some tosser at Rotherham Council has defined their circumstances.

    Er, aren’t these grossly overpaid pillocks, sorry ……. I meant to say commissioners, supposed to be eradicating this sort of local government twaddle and making Rotherham a more sensible place to live?

    But hats off to Sarah C for her dismissive comment.


  3. Not in cat in hells chance that Michael Mansfield or Imran Khan are going to turn up to a non-event like this. Michael Mansfield is retired.I did contact his chambers a few years ago to ask for representation and was turned down. Imran khan also was too busy and his focus is on particular type of cases. I guess it will be Muhbeen and his chums screaming away. Putting names of high profile lawyers is a good publicity stunt but do the lawyers know they?


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