Call for charges to be dropped against Asian men over Rotherham disorder

Call for charges to be dropped against Asian men over Rotherham disorder

A campaign calling for criminal charges to be dropped against a group of Pakistani men allegedly involved in violent disorder after a Britain First demonstration in Rotherham last year has been launched.

Civil rights advocate Suresh Grover, who has previously been involved in campaigning for the family of Stephen Lawrence, has organised a campaign in support of what he is terming ‘The Rotherham 12’.

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24 thoughts on “Call for charges to be dropped against Asian men over Rotherham disorder

  1. Nice leaflet, heard about dropping names, but would these gentlemen really want to have anything to do with Rotherham, the capital of Child abuse in northern England. Would they really want to sully there names, with thugs, after all this wasn’t about speaking out about the criminals in their own community, who could’ve committed these heinous crimes against children, but stopping others from expressing their views and then playing the race card..

    As for our own Sarah, she only upset and won’t participate because her name wasn’t given more prominace.


  2. What about a campaign to get the white men charged over the same incident charges dropped if the powers that be had not allowed two opposing factions to demonstrate on the same day and Ban one of the factions from all saints square and then allow the other to enter the square the reasons for banning one was that it disrupted trade for the traders and the public felt threatened so surely allowing another faction to enter the square. Would have had the same effect that the first was banned for. It should be rmbc and syp in court for allowing this to take place in the first instance they knew that they would be trouble neither faction was innocent on the day of winding the other up both in what they said or did and before any one says any different I do not have any alliance to either faction


  3. They’re wasting their time. The charges won’t be dropped. Since when has it been self defence to throw bottles at the police? Why don’t they go the whole hog and try to get charges against the Bostan’s and friends dropped as well? What a massive joke they are.


    • They would’ve been charged if there was any evidence, there playing the race card. But funny how all these stunts are popping up all of a sudden. There we have Sarah, with her new organisation, whingeing in the press all the time, then there Mubeen, been quiet, until now. Why?


  4. If those charged are innocent, they can stand up in court and prove it. After all, ‘self defense’ is a perfectly valid legal defense, is it not? AND they can call upon dozens of witnesses who also turned up on Wellgate that day to defend themselves.
    But one wonders just what they are actually afraid of, in going to such lengths to avoid court. I think something is likely to come out in the trial which they don’t want people to know about. Questions could be asked as to who organized this particular ‘rumble’ in the first place (because it certainly wasn’t a spontaneous gathering of people who happened to be around at the time).

    We’ll see…


  5. I was present and I saw somethings that really concerned me.

    It will worry the far right as I intend to tell the truth if/when asked. It might cause concern for certain people within the anti-far right concern.

    The truth never hurt any Honourable man yet.


    • It will worry the far right as I intend to tell the truth if/when asked. It might cause concern for certain people within the anti-far right movement*

      Mis-typed there. Oops.


      • I have to wonder if Mr Grover has seen the footage of these thugs in action on Wellgate … I would be worried about lending my name to a “self defence” claim after seeing it . I will take your word that he his a fine guy RR.. but his reputation is on the line.


      • First time user,
        I wasn’t in Rotherham that day. I only saw it on the vids, and later heard several contradictory stories. (people only can ever see what is happening around them).

        The use of police horses was totally unnecessary in my opinion/experience – they should only ever be a last resort, Up close they are seriously intimidating, and something like 80% of the “anti-far right” demonstrators that I saw on the vids were in their early teens – just little kids.

        I am unhappy with the British Muslim Youth claims of “kettling” . The whole thing passed far to quickly for any curtailment to have been a significant issue.

        Yes Suresh is a good sensible guy, and with both Mike Mansfield QC and Imran Khan solicitor with him… it is a good team.

        I’m just not so sure of the “Rotherham 12” Cause. But it is probably best seen as an attempt to echo the events of 1981 in Bradford and the trial of the Bradford 12: .


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