Murder accused ‘was trying to protect Muslim pensioner from racist attack’

OAP killed in “brutal and savage attack”

PROSECUTORS say murder suspects Dale Jones and Damien Hunt marched after pensioner Mushin Ahmed “like soldiers”, before ambushing him in a “brutal and savage attack” when trees screened him from the road.

Mr Andrew Robertson countered claims by Hunt (30), of Doncaster Road, Clifton, that he tried several times to stop Jones (30), of East Bawtry Road, Whiston, from attacking Mr Ahmed (81) in Eastwood.

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Murder victim was “kicked like a football”

MURDER accused Damien Hunt has given his version of the fatal attack on pensioner Mushin Ahmed in court.

Hunt (30), of Doncaster Road, Clifton, said co-defendant Dale Jones kicked Mr Ahmed’s head “like it was a football” and “jumped on his head with both feet” when he was on the ground.

Hunt says Jones saw Mr Ahmed come out of an alley at around 3am last August 10 and ran after him down Doncaster Road.

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Murder accused ‘was trying to protect Muslim pensioner from racist attack’

A man accused of jointly murdering a Muslim pensioner has said he was trying to protect the 81-year-old victim from a racist attack.

Damien Hunt, aged 30, said he had tried to prevent fellow defendant Dale Jones attacking Rotherham pensioner Mushin Ahmed.

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Murder suspect “threatened co-accused’s family if he grassed”

MURDER suspect Damien Hunt says he fears being branded a grass for testifying in court, but claims co-accused Dale Jones “deserves it” for “what he did to an old man.”

Hunt (30) of Doncaster Road is accused of killing pensioner Mushin Ahmed (81) alongside Jones (30) of East Bawtry Road.

But Hunt claims he tried to stop Jones, who allegedly kicked Mr Ahmed’s head “like a football” in the attack in the early hours of August 10 last year.

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The full story: Mushin Ahmed – trial of alleged murderers

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