Under pressure police officers slow at investigating crime in South Yorkshire

Under pressure police officers slow at investigating crime in South Yorkshire

South Yorkshire Police has been told it ‘requires improvement’ at keeping people safe and reducing crime.

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary looked at how well the force prevents crime and anti-social behaviour, investigates crime and manage offenders, protects vulnerable people, supports victims and tackles serious and organised crime.

It was judged good at preventing crime and anti-social behaviour and tackling serious and organised crime – but was warned it needs to improve the way it manages offenders and investigates crime.

Read on… http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/crime/under-pressure-police-officers-slow-at-investigating-crime-in-south-yorkshire-1-7736588

13 thoughts on “Under pressure police officers slow at investigating crime in South Yorkshire

    • How can it possibly improve when there are less and less real police officers out on the ground. It’s impossible to rely on PCSO’s and Special Constables though this idiot of a Home Secretary thinks they are able to do the job. They Can’t!!


      • It’s not the amount of people you have, it the way you use them. I think this idiot, in the Home Office, is doing a good job, perhaps you should look closer to home, have we got the right people leading these organisations.


  1. I was driving towards the Mushroom Roundabout today when I was cut up by a taxi bearing a local taxi firm signage on the door. The driver was about 18 years old at most. The state of the car got my attention as it was quite dirty and old. As I reached the lights I was right behind it. The ID plates on the back look every dodgy almost home made and it did not have the usual Rotherham Council emblem so I took a photograph. The council name on the badge was Rossenale Council. I only mention this because previously I have started noticing taxis operating around Rotherham with other badges on the back, for example Leeds City Council. Is this legal? Maybe some of those who were refused licences from RMBC have now got licences elsewhere.


  2. Then it’s up to councils like RMBC to hassle the Government to change the law and make this impossible. They should know that businesses such as taxis are very often the domain of our Asian brothers (tongue in cheek) who will use any corrupt method to circumvent our laws and regulations. Fact!


  3. There’s the catch. Years ago the government changed the taxi licensing laws to make it very easy to work in the trade. Whitehall realised that it was a simple way to soak-up/disguise unemployment in the male Pakistani population.


  4. Then how can RMBC make taxi service credible and safe? Why have a licence board at all? I find this a very worrying situation. Someone who is refused a licence by our own council because they are deemed unsuitable can simply get one somewhere else and work in the town anyway.


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