37 thoughts on “Labour’s Team for May

  1. See baron is yet again the absent MP. No surprise there!

    Perhaps fiddling his expenses again.

    Maybe he was having canapes and whine with his neighbours Lord and Lady Dev?


  2. unless shakoor adalat has changed his views on the eastwood landlord scheme what the hell is he doing standing as a candidate and was he vetted by labour party hq ?


  3. Shame it was a camera pointing at the group not a heavy duty machine gun ! It would take something of that ilk to rid the town of this shower of sh*t as I guess the electorate will not remove them. God help Rotherham.


  4. It looks like Jo’s gone for a Burton!
    Oh dear,how sad,never mind.
    Wales will still have the Boy Blunder to represent (?) them-while he’s trousering extra cash as
    ‘Corporate Affairs Manager’ for Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce.
    (I don’t thing the B&R CC is fussy who is on their board)
    Same old,same old.


  5. what about now, cse is still ongoing a leaflet has been sent to every household in eastwood (all in slovak) telling the roma/slovak to watch for the signs and report it .


    • Maybe…

      But the kids abused over last 20 + years can not just be brushed away. It’s wrecked real lives.

      All involved and those in positions of trust must be held accountable.


      • Hear that our MPs are claiming that they knew nothing.

        That their Cllrs and pals in police told them nothing for almost 20 years.

        Where’s the tooth fairy


  6. While some may well have the right to question some of the old faces in the photo, we do have to also remember there is a decent chunk of new Councillors Candidates who will have specifically stood because of the events of in the past and will not tolerate any attempt to cover any activity like CSE up. Being a member of the same party does not make those accountable to events in the past. Let’s give the new faces a chance and at every opportunity that may come our way question those who perhaps should be questioning their moral compass!

    Anyway do the council normally make a formal announcement of candidates that are standing each year or is it a case we find out once the nominations are made?


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