There must be elections soon?

Impatient drivers to be curbed by new bollards

BOLLARDS will be installed at a junction where impatient motorists have been mounting the kerb to avoid queueing in traffic.

Aston-cum-Aughton Parish Council has teamed up with Rotherham Borough Council to install up to four bollards at the junction of Aston Way and Main Street, in Aughton.

Cllr Lyndsay Pitchley, parish council chairman, said drivers often mounted the kerb at the junction to turn left towards Aston Academy instead of waiting in the queue of traffic turning right towards Rotherham.

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16 thoughts on “There must be elections soon?

  1. Aston Way leads to the motorway not the junction with Main Street Aughton. All in the photo need to familiarise themselves with the road names in Aston, Swallownest and Aughton. The Robin Hood is at the junction of Aston Lane and Main Street. If they do not know the road names how can they represent the people in their ward and worse find their way round to talk to people. Need lessons in map reading.


    • I think they’re all parish councillors (apart from the young in of course) so have to live in the parish! As Aston ain’t that big a place non of em will live more than 5 mins away, I’m pretty certain they’ll know the road name. Hey what if the tizer reported it wrong ?


      • ‘Why don’t you have the Aston councillor on Anston Parish council’
        Because he’s a borough councillor Tim.
        He is also a Labour party councillor who was parachuted in to replace disgraced Judy Dalton and the party machine went into overdrive to get him elected. (I don’t have a problem with that) but I resent that he knows absolutely nothing about Anston and also that he’s never been seen in my local area since he was elected.
        Why am I not surprised?


        • Hi Colin I know he is a borough councillor, but the point is he should be representing the people of Aston and not Anston. This shouldn’t be allowed by law, but the voters should look at who they are choosing as candidates, first thing I do is check their address. If people vote Labour back in this May, then they deserve everything they get. regards Tim


  2. Stupid people still have the power to amaze me, the junction in question could be made to address the actual problem. Have a left and right turn lane there is more than enough room to accommodate such. And yes have railings so stupid people are restricted to cross the road at the widest part of the junction and give them zebra crossing around the same.

    I thought the stupid people were supposed to make traffic flow easier, and protect the environment, South Yorkshire premeture pollution related deaths were approximately around 600+ lives a year.

    Unless 600 people a year are getting their toe nails clipped while they are crossing the road, its a no brainer, move the vulnerability further away from the junction.

    Oh yes this costs money!

    Sod the people who have died prematurely.

    And yes mr perfect diesel driver, your contribution has been appreciated as well.

    I bet you the stupid people proposing no curb mounting, so dangerous! All drive a diesel.

    So if we put it in context we have more people dying because of the pollution emitted, than people being killed by a car accident.

    Divert some of the road safety money to improved traffic junctions, or some of the environmental funding back to where the problems exist. What does the Environmental health services actually do, apart from taking a pay cheque and a big fat cat at the middle and top.

    People in office don’t have a f▪▪king clue.

    Impatient drivers by DEFAULT are doing their bit for the Environment, you do the maths.

    Or put in a painted roundabout, but what ever you do stuff them ballards and all of them in the nearest Cllr, or proposer of real waste of money.

    I suppose a painted roundabout and lines and three signs will cost about 900,000,000 pounds by the time the job is completed.


    • I fully agree, Hot spot. While they’re at it why not sort out the traffic lights at every roundabout in the Borough? I mean is there really any need for them to be on 24/7? You come to a roundabout and the lights nearly always turn red as you approach. That wouldn’t be a problem if there was someone actually waiting at the other side, but there hardly ever is except at peak times. I can understand how at peak times they help the traffic flow, but the rest of the time they are a nothing but a wasteful hinderance. The amount of time wasted waiting at traffic lights on roundabouts when nobody is waiting on the other side causes untold frustration, but that’s nothing when you consider the pollution caused by all those engines idling away for no reason. I thought the idea was to reduce pollution, not make it worse. So who had the harebrained idea that we needed traffic lights at all the roundabouts anyway? It can’t have been a driver, because drivers actually know how to use roundabouts,we’re taught how to negotiate them during our driving lessons and tested on them by the examiner, so we don’t really need our hands holding while we drive, do we? Get a grip RMBC, make the traffic lights part time. We adjusted to having the lights put there, we can easily adjust to them being put on at peak times only. You never know, you might even save a few quid on the leccy bill 🙂


      • Add to that the number of island bollards which are supposed to be illuminated but are broken or filthy. It must be 50%. Pure dereliction of duty….and so dangerous.


      • R.Wilde spot on.

        The focus environmentally is all about the impact improvements, we can facilitate the smallest impact improvements, the little numbers do add up.

        The lights in the town should have had a central control room by Sept 2014, seems like a pipe dream now.


  3. It was raised by “a member of the public” here:
    and the follow up is Item16/08 here:

    Is anyone scrutinising Aston-cum-A parish council????

    I see and totally admire the amount of scrutiny that both Anston and Dinnington councils have been under and the effects that that has had, but …


  4. Really the stupid people don’t know about the air quality strategy.

    Q1 how many children cross the junction in question to go to school, probably 0.

    Q2 how many houses before the junction in the direction of the school, about 5.

    Q3 how many do gooders the whole of the parish council.

    It’s like the advert for road safety, if you hit me at 40 mph I probably won’t make it. Hit me at 30 mph I probably will survive. I ask WTF is a five year old doing in the middle of the road.

    I’m getting sick of the do gooders making shit up on problems that don’t exist.

    Look at the junction what consultation was done, by placing the lowered curb at the most vulnerable location.

    You’re more likely to die of premature pollution related death than the hypothetical people who cross the road there.

    Any way did the cllr’s in question include any of the below, when they consulted with the nonentity parish council (literally 6 people turned up and 5 of them were cllr’s, I’m joking there were 7)

    The air quality strategy for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: Volume 1 – Publications – GOV.UK publications/the-air-quality-strategy-for-england-scotland-wales-and-northern-ireland-volume-1


  5. I agree with all these comments. Simply put, this junction is wide enough and large enough to accommodate 2 lanes of traffic up to this junction along ASTON LANE. I think this whole issue could be resolved with a pot of white paint, but we are talking about a totalitarian Labour Parish Council, one of it’s previous leaders being that buffoon Grald Smith. Looks like his idiotic buffoonery has been passed on tho his successors, you know, spend money where it’s never needed.


  6. Absolutely right Timawells. These are the idiots who go on about air pollution when the fact of the matter is, they cause it by making vehicles stand and queue for no good reason. Moving traffic causes far less pollution than standing. In todays climate traffic MUST be kept moving, NOT standing because some brainless idiot, given power by other brainless idiots, comes up with some hairbrained scheme to


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