Green Party prepares for the May elections

Members of the Newly Formed Rotherham Green PartyFor Immediate Release
Rotherham has a new Political Party

Last night members of what had been the Sheffield and Rotherham Green party voted to set up a separate party solely for Rotherham. The Local Party will cover all 21 wards of Rotherham MBC which matches roughly to the 3 Parliamentary constituencies of Rotherham, Wentworth and Dearne and Rother Valley. We intend to fight for representation at local and National level for the Green party’s thoughtful, ethical, evidence based policies.

Sheffield Green Party has been our partner for many years and their strong presence in Local Government will be our guide in planning what we do in Rotherham for the future. We wish to thank them for their support and wish them well.

Our Focus for the coming weeks will be on the ‘all out’ Local Government elections to RMBC on Thursday 5 May 2016, where we hope to stand as many candidates as possible and give many local people their first chance to Vote Green.

Newly elected joint Coordinator for Rotherham Green Party, Cllr Rebecca Whyman can be contacted for further comment or information via


We will also be campaigning locally for an ‘In’ vote in the recently announced Referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU on Thursday 23 June.

Rotherham Green’s are already on Social Media

About the Green Party

Imagine a political system that puts the public first. Imagine an economy that gives everyone their fair share.

Imagine a society capable of supporting everyone’s needs. Imagine a planet protected from the threat of climate change now and for the generations to come. That’s the world we want to create and we believe we have the means to do it.

By ensuring that everyone has access to a secure job that pays at least the Living Wage we will build an economy that works for the common good, not just the privileged few. By restoring public services to public hands we will ensure they are run in the interests of the people that use them.

By investing in renewable energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we will build a stable and sustainable society that protects our planet from climate change.

By building more social rented homes and bringing abandoned buildings back into use we will ensure that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live.

Newly elected Joint coordinators for Rotherham Green Party Rebecca Whyman and Paul Martin cut the cake

New Green Party branch set up for Rotherham

Green Party members have set up a separate branch for Rotherham.

The branch, previously part of the Sheffield and Rotherham group, will cover all 21 Rotherham Council wards and match roughly the parliamentary constituencies of Rotherham, Wentworth and Dearne, and Rother Valley.

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7 thoughts on “Green Party prepares for the May elections

  1. Sorry Regular Reader but you beat me to it. However, like you I cannot think of anything positive to say. Just another fringe group to split the vote and let Labour win by default.


  2. Comments by Sadiq Khan chair of Labour’s Green Party Strategy Unit- from 2015.
    ” I visited Brighton last week, where the Green Party has run the council since 2011. The council is in real trouble and deeply unpopular with local people. Recycling rates have fallen dramatically and are now among the worst in the country. Less than a third of the affordable homes that were promised have been built. There have been months of strikes by council workers because pay and conditions have been attacked. Piles of rubbish were left festering on the streets throughout a summer of discontent. For me, the failed Green experiment in Brighton shows that creating a better society needs more than just the right values, it also needs realistic plans that can be put into action.”

    A Euro-Federalist party with woolly ideas eg: ‘the Green Party would phase out VAT over a period of time and replace it with a system of environmental taxation measures (“eco-taxes”)
    If anyone in the Green Party knew anything about EU law they would know about…
    Which quite clearly says member states cannot reduce or replace VAT.
    ‘ Fuel taxes should therefore be increased to incorporate Road Fund Licence (“tax disc”).
    A policy that will benefit car users who can claim vehicle related expenses but at the same time penalises Mr.& Mrs. Joe and Josephine Public.
    Scrapping road building programmes.,%20fair%20on%20the%20future%20Jun%2004.htm

    Where do they find these people?


    • Colin,
      brutal but true.
      Yet I do have a whole lot of time for their one MP Caroline Lucas she really is a breath of fresh air in UK politics.

      You ask “Where do they find these people?” I could say that about any political party, and some far more than others.
      Can anyone defend Jane Collins as an MEP. or Kevin Barron as an MP ?


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