Child sex abuse trial: Reactions online

This is the first reaction post I have seen, if readers should spot more, be grateful if you would share them with us in the comments please, I will pick any up from there, Rik.

Questions arising from the pimping trial

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2 thoughts on “Child sex abuse trial: Reactions online

  1. great that the guilty verdicts have come hopefully a part of a rehabilitation process for the victims.

    i imagine muhbeen hussain is breathing a huge sigh of relief that majid/sajid werent charged, who are related to him of course, it would have been severely damaging for his credibility (which tbf he seems to have quite abit from the media) had they been found guilty but same time, they have been found not guilty so court of law has made that decision based on evidence given. also just hope it humbles the whole bostan family to keep their egos and machismo in tact and not to give it large like they own wellgate. but they are damaged within their own community..


    • I don’t think there is such a thing as “damage within their own community”. Had that really existed the Pakistani community would have outed the abusers years ago. They are from a different world and retain their own culture and tribalisms come what may.


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