News: Rotherham Interchange nearly beyond repair

News: Rotherham Interchange nearly beyond repair

A decision on the future of Rotherham’s bus station will need to be made quickly after new tests discovered that the multi storey car park is “nearing the point of being beyond economic repair.”

The interchange in Rotherham town centre also includes a retail development covering 55,000 sq ft, consisting of 18 units and 750 parking spaces. It is owned by commercial property developers, Norseman Holdings, with the interchange and car park leased to South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE), the organisation that takes the lead to develop the region’s transport network.

Opened in 1971, the car park has since developed widespread defects and the existing tight spaces and drab appearance mean that occupancy levels only average approximately one third of its 678 capacity.

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8 thoughts on “News: Rotherham Interchange nearly beyond repair

  1. @Mk007
    It depends on the terms of the lease who is responsible for building maintenance.
    In this instance-if the report is accurate-yearly inspections would have highlighted any structural problems and they should have been rectified before the interchange car park deteriorated to the stage it is now.
    Bad management? Yes. Who is responsible? Probably A N.Other.


  2. When I started working here in 2003 it was easy to get repairs done, the issues with the car park were long standing and the defects within had basically become part of the furniture.

    I left seven years later and the most basic repairs were difficult to get done, it appears the car park has been left to rot despite making quite a sum of money each week. I can vouch for that.


    • @Paddy Cawkwell.
      Can you tell me who receives the money from car parking charges at the Interchange car park,is it RMBC, SYPTE or another company?


      • Hi Colin
        I was led to believe it goes in to the SYPTE. Each machine printed a Report off which allowed me to see what money was made per week, per machine, and lets not fool anyone here, there was a lot of coins in each machine plus the car parking office.
        I often saw the Supervisory team totting up the paper work and figures and sending them down to the Management.
        All on SYPTE paperwork.
        All whilst I was screaming about child protection concerns.
        All whilst I was being vilified, sometimes in the middle of the Interchange, by police officers, at one time a Sgt no less.

        That kind of experience leaves a significant change on a person.

        The money in to that car park could have gone anywhere, but it should have gone straight in to the coffers of the SYPTE. I hope it did. I really do.


  3. As to the CSE issues mentioned in the report, that’s a current and significant issue that needs urgent action. I did suggest this in 2005-2006 and was vilified, publicly, by more then one person.


    • Paddy
      the subject of this thread is “Rotherham Interchange nearly beyond repair”
      Can we please stick to it!
      Colin’s question deserves an answer. (I just wish I could answer him, but I only once ever found myself there and know nothing about the financial side of it all).


      • The report from Rotherham biz mentioned CSE so as it was mentioned in the report I don’t mind if I find time to comment on it.

        I have provided a reply as to the question Colin asked but also to the wider issue as to what the Rotherham biz literature actually said.

        I think its important to address all issues in a Report.


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