Louise Casey blasts PC policies and claims Brits have forgotten about equality

PC hand-wringing allows outrage of Muslim child sex, gender inequality and forced marriages, says PM aide

Louise Casey blasts PC policies and claims Brits have forgotten about equality

THE Prime Minister’s integration czar has demanded an end to politically correct “hand-wringing” over multiculturalism.

Louise Casey, who is working on a major review of integration between communities, said in a speech on Monday political correctness was the enemy of equality.

Speaking out against forced marriage and gender inequality in ethnic minority communities, Miss Casey claimed Brits are now so PC we have forgotten about equality.

Read on… http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/6889093/Louise-Casey-PC-hand-wringing-allows-outrage-of-Muslim-child-sex.html

5 thoughts on “Louise Casey blasts PC policies and claims Brits have forgotten about equality

  1. This has nothing to do with ‘political correctness’ – its more to do with fear, corruption, intimidation and an ability to turn away when a young person is being abused.

    Louise Casey should stop wasting time and get on with the job.


    • Political correctness breeds fear Paddy, in this instance the fear of appearing racist was enough to silence some. But yes, corruption, intimidation, ineptitude and laziness were enough to silence others.

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think Louise Casey is wasting time. I think she’s saying things that need to be said about what “equality” really means.


  2. This is a massive U-turn for ALL politicians of ALL parties. Every politician in this Country is guilty of inflicting political correctness on ALL our institutions, the NHS, our Police Service, our Courts system, ALL public services. It has to stop and it has to stop NOW. The Muslims who come here and infect and infest our systems should be told in no uncertain terms, they either COMPLY with ALL British rules and laws and failure to do so will render them liable to deportation with NO appeal.
    We MUST stop the steam roller which is Islam, thundering through our culture and society, polluting it to the extent it has done so far.
    Stand up to these people, if indeed they are people. Some of them are not fit to be called human beings!!


  3. All this bullsh*t about Integration held by poiticians of every party will never happen especially in the Pakistani communities throughout this country because of that hoary chestnut – Islam. The vast majority do not want to integrate with “us Infidels” as we are an affront to the very heart of this all world pervading ,but sadly, warped religion which won’t even allow jokes and cartoons to appear in the media without violent and murderous repercussions ,let alone allow their own womenfolk to be anything other than 2nd class citizens. I applaud your efforts in the report you produced re the “Unfit For Purpose” Council but fear you may not succeed in your latest challenge Louise Carey, and not through any fault of your own. Good luck nonetheless.


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