Police conspired to protect Rotherham child sex abusers

Police conspired to protect Rotherham child sex abusers

Corrupt police and an influential politician fuelled a culture of impunity that allowed three brothers to “own” the town of Rotherham and abuse children until their crimes were exposed by The Times.

One officer had sex with under-age girls, passed drugs to the sex-grooming gang and tipped them off when colleagues were searching for missing children, a court was told.

Another helped to broker a deal in which one brother returned an abused girl to police after receiving an assurance that he “wouldn’t get done”. The jury was told that Jahangir Akhtar, the former deputy leader of Rotherham council, also took part in the handover at a petrol station.

Mr Akhtar, the former deputy chairman of South Yorkshire police and crime panel, was a relative of Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras Hussain, who behaved for years “like a pack of animals” to pursue dozens of young girls before demanding sex, often with threats of violence.

Read on… http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/crime/article4698955.ece


Children were abused, pimped, trafficked and then ignored

It began with a voicemail. A young woman, sounding nervous, said that she wanted to talk to a journalist about what had happened to her as a child in Rotherham.

Her call led to a series of meetings and a story published in 2013 across four pages of The Times. It examined the life of one groomed girl — we called her Jessica — and the repeated failure of child-protection authorities to take action against her adult abuser, Arshid Hussain.

The articles prompted a two-year police inquiry and a trial in which the same brave young woman found herself in the witness box at Sheffield crown court. She was one of nine child victims whose accounts resulted in Hussain’s conviction yesterday for 23 sex offences.

His legal team fought back, claiming in court that she and The Times were at the heart of an elaborate criminal conspiracy involving stolen documents, secret recordings, contaminated evidence and the payment of large sums of money.

Read on… http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/crime/article4698809.ece


Full story: First Rotherham Trial at Sheffield Crown Court

22 thoughts on “Police conspired to protect Rotherham child sex abusers

  1. I’m reminded of the ps Charles Dickens wrote in Our Mutual Friend

    “I believe there has been in England,
    since the days of the STUARTS, no law so often infamously
    administered, no law so often openly violated, no law habitually so
    ill-supervised. In the majority of the shameful cases of disease
    and death from destitution, that shock the Public and disgrace the
    country, the illegality is quite equal to the inhumanity–and known
    language could say no more of their lawlessness.”


  2. If anyone causes any of these little ones to stumble it would be better for them to have a millstone tied round their necks and to be cast into the heart if the sea. Things that cause sin are bound to come, but woe to those through whom they come…


  3. Following the gang of six being found guilty I was fully expecting to see British Muslim Youth all over the media defending the individuals from a biased legal system and arranging a mass meeting at the Unity Centre to raise funds for their appeal, but no, not a whimper.

    Could it be that the penny has dropped and British Muslim Youth a rabble that does more harm to the Pakistani community than good finds its self on the wrong side of public opinion.

    Comments from the victims suggest that there are even more harrowing details to emerge from the ongoing police investigations, will British Muslim Youth now encourage members of the Pakistani community to pass on intelligence about known perpetrators or will they stage another boycott of the police?


  4. Mr Norfolk has claimed credit for the grief that the likes Marlene Guest and the BNP and the so called ‘far right’ had been trying to out for years, and were abused for their trouble. Only when it became impossible to deny the facts was Norfolk allowed to publish in the Times to garner some kudos for the title and deflect any potential plaudits for the white working class men who were politically incorrect enough to point that they weren’t too keen on local girls being raped and prostituted with the apparent consent of the establishment .

    He ( Norfolk) has stated, I paraphrase, that he felt as though he was betraying his liberal principles by ‘breaking’ the story. I have encountered him and tried to engage him in conversation about the subject but he was far from happy to do so. He left me with the impression that he had been handed the brief like a poisoned chalice to save a lacklustre career and in turn he would receive promotion and recognition for his efforts.

    The BBC have a dog in this fight too. I am told they conspired in the failed prosecution against Nick Griffin for pointing out the same problem that was and still is occurring in Keighley His language and posturing was divisive but the thrust of the concerns were the same.


    • I have said on here before .. Marlene Guest was shouting this from the roof tops only to be told she was racist and was trying to whip up trouble for the muslim community … they threatened her with arrest and tried shutting her up … when I say they I refer to the bent police force and the corrupt councillors .. I wish she could have seen this weeks headlines ..she would have said …. I TOLD YOU …. RIP Marlene Guest .


    • Andrew Norfolk did more to expose the myriad cover ups and put the truth into the public domain than did most within RMBC and South Yorkshire Police ever did (or even attempted too). Why try to belittle his efforts ?


  5. There must be 100’s more abusers who are walking freely on our streets, is this going to be another white wash. South Yorkshire police and many associated with Rotherham council must be party to this cover up and should be facing prosecutions and convictions.


    • That’s absolutely right, prosecutions for collusion and conspiracy; misconduct in a public office is very the least of it. And this should apply to every area where grooming groups and gangs operate, which is of course many towns and cities.

      I was annoyed to hear Champion on R4 yesterday claiming in typically self-serving, back-covering, hypocritical, butter wouldn’t melt style that Rotherham model abuse was to be found in villages across the land.

      Funny then that an Ambridge or Upton Snodsbury model of grooming, rape, sexual torture, trafficking and pimping has never been discerned and that no pattern of trials is there to substantiate it.

      The likes of Champion are always trying to establish a false equivalence, to cover the complicity of the politically correct left in the grooming atrocities in a bs miasma of spin, deceit and fake comparisons.

      I see that Jimmy Savile is being run out again immediately after the Rotherham trial – what a prodigious old reprobate he was!!! the equivalent of the grooming plague rolled up in one man!

      A crazed frenzy was whipped up – especially by the grooming gang Guardian, which some might find significant, JS apparently being on a par with Pol Pot

      “If there is one thing to make the most benign agnostics wish that there were a God to punish sinners with eternal torment, it is the contemplation of history’s monsters. Oblivion is too good for the likes of Pol Pot, and for Jimmy Savile, too.”


      Keir Starmer in what might be thought a rather unguarded comment in 2013 said

      “Soon after the CPS review of the Rochdale grooming case, allegations of serial sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile began to circulate”

      Soon after he says, soon after the 3rd Rochdale grooming trial which for the first had really lifted the lid for all to see.

      Just a coincidence no doubt, just like the coincidence of the plod raid on Sir Cliff’s home days before the publication of the Jay Report.

      I suppose they have to fall back on Savile though given the collapse of the utterly demented Operation Midland which was driven by Tom Watson MP who has never said a word about the Rotherham in his own fiefdom


      Surely it’s not that difficult to see the wood from the trees?


      • I think you have covered everything. The issue seems to be worse in Labour controlled areas. Rotherham must be Top of the pops for rotten boroughs.

        They are hoping a few thrown to the Lions will detract from the bigger fry in public office.


    • Surely all Chief Constables and Chairperson’s of South Yorkshire Police Authority and members, should be brought back to answer why they did nothing. They must have known what these young vulnerable girls were stating, did they stop the investigations being carried out, if not, then who did? These people were in charge of the force and as they say “the book stops here”. If not then why are they paid?

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      • My Grandad was a chief inspector of police in the old Sheffield constabulary, we had many conversations about how the police force had become politicised and more bothered about protecting the rights of criminals and this was 20 years before this event.


        • you are spot on timawells -100’s to thousands needed to be exposed named investigated shamed and prosecuted and then sentenced proportionally -ie give 10 years to life .
          more important than locking up the hundreds of muslim men who tortured and threatened and raped the children -was locking up all the cops involved -who should have all had their sentences doubled due to being police officers with many powers to corrupt the law and exploit and avoid detection .
          after locking up say 100 cops for life then the second priority should have been the politicians who knew or played a role and the councillors and the teachers and social workers and nhs employees etc -all tax payer funded and charged with a duty to protect not exploit .
          thirdly the muslims who hate the English and whites and non muslims and who refuse to live under dozens of our laws -and who are organised entirely on racial and religious grounds and who exploit almost exclusively members of a different race ethnicity and religious affiliation –ie a hate crime targeting white English children.

          now as almost no one has been investigated let alone prosecuted and let alone sentenced proportionally -it is has protected no one -not one kid -and it has deterred no one-not one muslim child rapist will stop as a result of this -some may rape and traffic kids in another town a few miles away -like Sheffield or Doncaster or Nottingham or Mansfield etc -but they wont stop as there is no reason to -as they were never punished before for decades and they still haven’t been -even when largely made public and exposed to public scrutiny -so they may be even more confident now in fact -certainly once the dust has settled and the press left -they will be re-assured by the lack of serious investigation even when exposed and publicly discussed in the national media.
          I don’t dream the full extent will never been made public-1400 plus known victims -how many suspected ? how many victims never come forward -there will be a known percentage that don’t go to cops or don’t try more than once -especially if threatened by the cops the first time and yet others who cant easily discuss sex or abuse publicly -but the govt know if this figure is 80 % or 60 % or 40 % and if you calculate the likely figure -it may be 10 000 victims or even more-very easily -so the whole thing is a massive cover up in full public glare .
          I bet well over a hundred cops are involved and several hundred other public servants -all of whom are still licensed and empowered and ideally placed and still working with children day in and day out -so where did the protection ever begin due to the exposure of the abuse ? it didn’t -end of.
          also I bet 95-99% of the muslims who were and are involved have never ever been named or investigated -so they are still all abusing kids -day in day out-there may be several thousand of them -or even more .
          without mass exposure and naming and huge investigations and mass sentencing and very very long sentences – you don’t bring justice or end corruption or provide a deterent or improve safety or even accountability or transparency .
          I saw somewhere -an estimate of half of all council kids homes were used to abuse about half or a quarter of all kids in care -this is just an estimate as no reliable stats have ever been collected or collated-just stats that’s play down the true extent of the worst of all crimes and all funded by tax payers and carried out or enabled by tax payer funded civil servants.
          so if they admit over 1400 kids were raped -how many were really raped ? and where are all the files and names and investigations and the many hundreds of prisoners in jail for life or decades ?
          last week they said on the front page of a national paper about 150 cops are rapists -who are predatory and using the databses to locate victims and the vulnerable -this is a sick joke-the real figure I refuse to believe is less than many thousands -so again they are playing down the shocking reality -in the hope it makes them sound less evil than they are and good servants on the publics side .
          we want to see them investigated named shamed arrested prosecuted and locked up-none of which has happened
          what we need to remind ourselves of is that -not one of these civil servants and officers is pledged to protect the public -they are only sworn to protect and obey the monarch and the freemason brotherhood -hence the lack of sympathy or truth or empathy or standards -we the public are simply an inconvenience to them -and even then we are only even discussing this due to the establishment rag the times investigating the town .
          it is over a decade since Saville gave the public a right to an opinion and some crumbs of knowledge -and virtually nothing has happened -no mp’s are in jail -yet half are life-long paedophiles and even snuff film makers and worse -almost no cops have been locked up and no lords and no royals and nobles and very few teachers doctors or social workers and judges and cops -I estimate and guess -less than 1 % of public servants who rape and even kill kids has been sent to prison and look at Rotherham -whats the running total sent to jail today ? thousands ? hundreds ?
          Rotherham was a white-wash just like Hillsborough -all the cops involved in Hillsborough -destroying evidence and threatening people and fabricating evidence and lying and smearing -not a single one is in prison -or im not aware if they are-but there should be dozens or even more in prison for Hillsborough -but no they all got their huge gold plated pensions and early retirement and even were rewarded with promotions for covering up the crimes -just as you can bet lots of the most crooked cops who protected paedophiles and perverted justice and prevented justice also got promotions by way of their reward for doing that .


    • @ big bird.
      ‘why have the bostan brothers walked free?’

      A good question which has been answered by the trial jury which considered the evidence presented by the prosecution and defence lawyers.

      “It’s justice but not as we know it Jim”.

      The question they should have been asked is ‘Are you guilty or very guilty?’ and in some countries they would have been given a fair trial and shot at dawn.


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