Home Sweet Home

Many Mirpuri/Kashmiri men retained or have obtained dual nationality, holding UK and Pakistani passports…the myth being that it protects their links with their more cultured and cherished homeland of Mirpur in Azad Kashmir… where water is sweeter, the scenery more beautiful, men more brave, women less troublesome, and the religion purer.

Oh, and for some, where banking regulations make money laundering easier, where there is easier access to the poppy fields and a quick buck can be made through a UK passport inducing arranged marriage.

Well it looks like a few may get to live the dream, but without the perks..courtesy of the Home office..

I forecast a lot of Mirpuri men will have stopped scouring the house for that missing Pakistani Passport.

Read..  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/asian-sex-abusers-to-be-stripped-of-uk-citizenship-and-deported-a6896051.html

Mary B Josephs

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Reports of a large plume of smoke over Clough Road and the Broom Valley area of Rotherham are thought to have been caused by a number of male residents burning official looking documents.


  2. I’ve come across many Pakistanis in the UK from Mirpur as the majority are from there. I find them to be law abiding citizens, kind and friendly. The proposed legislation to take away their British passport won’t do anything to change mind-set of the few bad apples in their community.

    High profile cases will make anyone think twice before committing a crime.


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