Rotherham abuse victim ‘attacked by own family’

‘A pack of animals’: Rotherham teen beaten up by own family after Asian gang abused her: QC

A TEENAGER was beaten up by her own family after they found out she had been abused by one of three brothers who led a grooming gang in Rotherham, a court has heard.

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Rotherham abuse victim ‘attacked by own family’

A victim of one of three brothers who raped and sexually assaulted 15 teenage girls in Rotherham was attacked by her own family when they discovered the abuse, a court has heard.

The details emerged during the sentencing of Arshid, Bannaras and Basharat Hussain at Sheffield Crown Court.

Arshid, 40, and Basharat, 39, were found guilty by a jury of 50 offences.

Bannaras, 36, pleaded guilty to 10 offences before the trial started.

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Rotherham abuse: Hussain brothers ‘were infamous’

For the three Hussain brothers – Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras – Rotherham was their personal playground and the young girls they abused were merely their toys. The men groomed and raped children for nearly 20 years. Now they have been convicted, charities say the brothers should have been prosecuted 15 years ago.

The trial centred on a group of young girls who each believed they were girlfriends of the Hussain brothers. In reality they were being used, abused and traded as sexual commodities.

Arshid and Basharat have now been found guilty of a total of 38 offences, including rape, indecent assault, abduction, actual bodily harm and forcing their victims to have sex with others.

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1 thought on “Rotherham abuse victim ‘attacked by own family’

  1. There is more to come out with regards corruption in the third sector,council,police and also government and politicians.They all new what was happening and didn’t do anything for the victims and families


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