Rotherham child abuse gang leader wanted IVF

Rotherham child abuse gang leader wanted IVF

The leader of the Rotherham sex-grooming gang has asked about fertility treatment despite making several children pregnant and fathering up to 18 babies.

Arshid Hussain’s wish to expand his family was disclosed in court as he tried to avoid justice for a brutal decade-long campaign of sexual abuse against young teenagers. Many of his victims had abortions.

Hussain, 40, with his brothers Basharat, 39, and Bannaras, 36, will be sentenced today for almost 50 offences against 14 girls in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, including multiple rapes and indecent assaults, buggery, abduction and false imprisonment.

The criminal inquiry that led to their prosecution was launched in August 2013 after The Times revealed that police and social services held detailed intelligence of the elder brother’s offending from the late 1990s to 2003 but had failed to act on it.

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6 thoughts on “Rotherham child abuse gang leader wanted IVF

  1. This guy amazes me but so does the entire isssue. I am left, quite frankly, disgusted.

    I am sure Judge Wright will do the right by everyone concerned.


  2. I don’t know about IVF, this bastard should be castrated and if there was any justice at all in this country, he and his fellow rapists should be hung from lamp posts in the middle of Rotherham as a deterrent to all the other filthy scum who are considering abusing our children. There is no punishment too harsh for these filthy polluting scumbags.


  3. Natural justice has a way of catching up…That age old truth still applies “Be not deceived whatsoever a man/woman sows, that shall they also reap” They are about to discover what it means to be an unwilling sex slave for a very very long time…..


  4. Sorry Linda, I think these dirty bastards will enjoy it. Prison is far too good for them, particularly our prisons which are more like holiday camps. They’ll have Hal Al food, rights to pray whenever they want, watch TV, play sport etc. Instead , if we can’t hang them, they should be locked in a filthy cell all day and night with one hour outside per month for exercise. They should be made to apologise for what they have done every day and failure to do so would render them liable to a good flogging. No punishment is too harsh for this scum!!


    • Hi Annonymous… I do understand your view and I agree that punishment and not rehabilitation is the primary function of jail…A just penalty in this instance wouldn’t require rehabilitation…As I keep saying on this sight Singapore seems to have achieved the best balance on the planet for a multi cultural society. Penalties fit the crime….These vile men would in that country have the prospect of having their lives terminated and facing the Judge of all…. This would be my preference for this slime….
      Anyhow back to the subject of British jail and your suggestion that these deviants may actually enjoy picking up the soap in the shower on a regular basis… Hemorrhoids are an awful curse….


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