Rotherham councillor accused of rape

Rotherham councillor accused of rape

A victim in the Rotherham grooming trial told police she was raped by an influential politician linked to three brothers jailed yesterday for a campaign of child abuse in the town which a judge called “violent and degrading”.

Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras Hussain were sentenced to a total of 79 years in prison. They were said to have ruled Rotherham for a decade until their grooming, pimping and trafficking of girls was exposed by The Times.

Jahangir Akhtar, a relative of the trio, is the former Labour deputy leader of Rotherham council and the former vice-chairman of South Yorkshire police and crime panel. He resigned in 2013 after The Times revealed his role in a deal under which Arshid Hussain agreed to return a missing child to police at a petrol station after receiving an assurance that he would not be prosecuted. The petrol station handover, and Mr Akhtar’s involvement, featured in an account by one of the 15 child victims who gave evidence in the two-month trial at Sheffield crown court.

It can now be reported that a reference was made to an elected Rotherham politician during the evidence of two more grooming victims.

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45 thoughts on “Rotherham councillor accused of rape

  1. His taxi licence was suspended for reasons that have still not been made public. Is his licence still suspended and does anybody know why it was. Why the secrecy on this matter? It was claimed after his conviction for a serious act of violence that he wasn’t a fit person to have a taxi licence because of his thuggish nature and the public couldn’t be sure they were safe being transported by a convicted thug like him, but the multi-culti Labour councillors on the licensing committee still allowed him to keep it.


  2. Here’s a poem for you…

    What You Won’t Read In the Guardian

    Tonight at noon, I was struggling with a metaphor:
    an imaginary girl was sitting in an imaginary coffee shop
    reading an imaginary copy of Henry James:
    in order to make a metaphor for something I imagined
    might be of more interest than it was to me.
    I wanted to create the illusion that her eyes; her grey eyes:
    were like a seal breaking the surface of the water.
    That would be allowable I believe.
    But, allowable.
    A suitable subject for a poem; about nothing;
    that would offend no one, and maybe evoke some kinship
    before slipping back beneath the waves: like a seal.

    That was today at noon.
    But now not so much.

    Who was the girl? What was she wearing?
    Why was she in that cafe ‘where nets hung like shrouds’
    and the outside world ‘mere shadows on the latticed glass’?
    I don’t know.

    Of course she was middle class, in a flowered dress
    and leggings.
    Why else would she be reading Henry James?
    Or in a tea shop? Come to that.

    For one must be bourgeois to write poetry.
    And one must forget all the movements of art
    and deal only in the constructs of the in-humane:
    the terse, the deus ex-machina of the leftist,
    the eternal fragrant future, and the toothless poor in bus stations;
    who while they occasionally amuse: for poetic pathos:
    exist only to eternally confirm, and deny.

    Rather like those girls in Rotherham; sorry slags
    who have waited years for justice to be denied
    by the overshadowing of their abuse by the timely production
    of yet more dirt on Saville, and the other celebs.
    I mean far be it for a simple poet
    to point out the years in which we were told not to speak
    or it would fuel the ‘right wing’,
    And how useful that Saville can prove white men do it too,
    whenever a turn in the shameful affair comes to light.
    No doubt when the police start getting sacked,
    and it comes to light that officers of the council were up to no good,
    a new report will come out
    to show Saville was doing the same.

    And the name Rotherham, need not be mentioned



  3. I want a clean, fresh and urgent investigation in to this…I have already suggested it as a path to some kind of clarity.

    My problem is that I’ve been screaming for to long nobody wants to listen to the boy who cried wolf, ultimately, I don’t want this to be about me…merely about locking folk up that did wrong and/or that have engaged in corrupt political practices.

    I recall when I campagined for Respect as Yvonne Ridley’s staff was the only person talking about CSE, among other issues, I was verbally abused by Rotherham Labour Group Members.

    I recall when I campagined for Respect we were accused of being Islamaphobic, including Muslims.

    I recall when Rotherham Politics refused to publish my remarks about CSE, Shaun Wright, the Labour Party and others…it’s a shame that “being honest” sends a person in to the darkest corner.

    As for its “happening now” which Sarah Champion MP remarked to Harry Gration on Look North, I was ready to put my head through the fridge door.

    RMBC want ya to meet with folk ya don’t trust
    SYP want ya to meet with them which is pointless and toxic

    Who else is there? Why is there a delay in addressing concerns?

    I could weep but whats the point, at some point Rotherham will wake up, I’m young enough and strong enough to take the abuse from all these detractors…why should abuse be covered up?

    Have a think folks.

    God bless 🙂 x


  4. A person who has kept his name out of the headlines is the former council committee chair with responsibility for taxi licensing, Cllr Peter Wootton. During his Chairmanship at seems a number of dubious decisions were made, either to forgive driver applicants some nasty sins or allow early return of licenses that had been suspended . He was highly rated by Akhtar.

    Note the committee always had an agenda item where issues were identified that the Chairman could make without referring back to committee…a similar eagendat was contained within Planning meetings. Leaving things open to abuse.

    He also presided over a taxi licensing process that after his retirement was deemed unfit for purpose..without himself ever expressing concern during his reign.

    A somewhat undistinguished (ie not very bright) person he always seemed to get well paid committee posts. Ending his career with the plum post as Rotherham Council representative to the SY Pension Scheme .

    His unexpected decision to resign earlier that planned possibly saved the pensions of all those ex public sector workers..being frank, a duffer.

    We always wondered why he was elevated so far beyond his competence.



  5. No wonder ex-coun Akhtar and his sleazy sidekicks worked so strenuously to stop my election campaign when I said grooming was a big issue in Rotherham. For all his dirty tricks the truth came out – let’s remember this is the man who called me racist & an Islamophobe … even though I am a Muslim.
    What a pity it took Sarah Champion quite a while to wake up to the sleaze and corruption which mired the Labour ranks in Rotherham but glad she’s caught up, is on board and now is using her voice to help the victims.
    The real unsung heroes in all of this is Andrew Norfolk’s cutting edge journalism and investigative work and this heroic blog Rotherham Politics which has now become first port of call for information on scum like Akhtar.
    Time the police continued digging. Now is not the time to stop, now is the time to go full throttle and collar the scumbags who abused so many girls … and even those who turned a blind eye to the nasty goings on.
    And it is worth remembering it was Muslims in the community who asked me to make grooming an election issue. 99pc of decent Muslims living in Rotherham knew nothing about the appalling, vile behaviour which went on. It was not in their name and bore no relation to the great faith of Islam.


    • Yes Northfolk deserves credit, but remember that brave little girl Jessica and Risky Business, without those people, we would’ve know anything.


    • 99% ? Considering the %of Muslim’s in Rotherham I would say 1%is a lot of Muslim’s . You can cover it up as much as y like but this did not go in without good knowledge of the police and local community. Seats on labour council where and are more important than the victims of racist underage child abuse . U can deny all u like it has nothing to do with Islam blah blah but the fact is u worship a so called prophet who endorses paedophilia . It’s in your silly comic the Quran .


      • According to Taj Hargey here it is about a degraded version of Islam rather than the religion as such

        “By all accounts, this was not the version that these men heard in their mosques. On the contrary, they would have been drip-fed for years a far less uplifting doctrine, one that denigrates all women, but treats whites with particular contempt.
        In the misguided orthodoxy that now prevails in many mosques, including several of those in Oxford, men are unfortunately taught that women are second-class citizens, little more than chattels or possessions over whom they have absolute authority.”

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

        Whether this is the case or not is really rather academic, it should never been so thoughtlessly foisted on an unwilling British population because the consequences as we now see have been utterly tragic – and it’s going to get worse not better.

        Taj I gather is a progressive Muslim but he seems to be in a distinct minority

        “Islam in Britain is dominated by a very specific, and rather illiberal, version of the faith — one that, if anything, seems to be becoming more conservative over time.”


    • The thing is Yvonne, the Mirpuri community in Rotherham is both religiously and culturally very conservative. Much of it is also closed off to the White community, partly due to the Mirpuri experience and resulting fear of racism, but at least equally due to controlling elements within the Mosque Council, who like to keep those from the lower families in fear and compliant with the Mirpuri equivalent of Omertà.

      There is limited interaction, and therefore much ignorance. It makes it impossible for many to separate out the vast majority of decent Mirpuri from the small number of crooks.

      So for example, when you blame Sarah Champion for being slow to twig Akhtar, please remember. He was fully supported by the Mosque Council, and was able to whip out a Mirpuri vote equivalent to 90% of their voting population in his Ward.

      Had she immediately ignored or pilloried him she definitely would have been accused of disrespecting the Muslim community.

      Another element is that like the Police and Council, the Mosque Council/s locally have been infiltrated by crooks.

      The Mosque Council is in effect run by two family groups…the Akhtar/Hussain family and the Hussain/Sabirs. All others struggle to get a look in…or at best get minor roles as cats paws.

      The result is a mess for everyone, an increase in racism from right wingers in white and Mirpuri communities. Along with the existence of a perverted and deeply mysogynistic interpretation and distortion of Islam.

      In Rotherham the White population has managed to elect and elevate a significant number of white crooked politicians. That the Mirpuri have done the same is sad… we can that white corrupt politicians have created a manure bed in which Mirpuri crooks have learned to thrive.


      • yes, I know she was in a difficult position but there were some massive clues when the Labour NEC pushed through an all-female shortlist and the reaction that created among local party activists. Labour should’ve suspended the dissenters with immediate action and given her the support she needed from outside activists.


      • What total and utter tosh . What’s your explanation for the grooming and rapes that go on in Leeds ,rochdale,Liverpool ,Bradford,Birmingham etc ? It’s quite clear the whole Muslim community see this activity as the norm . Their alliance in the first instance is to a made up prophet who endorses paedophilia . This is the person they look up to and are taught is the the only person to look up to . The so called prophet Mohammed was a paedophile in their story book and they love him . Enough said


  6. SYP & RMBC have delivered on Clover. It is just the start. Don’t forget that the National Crime Agency are in town to look at the rest of the historical abuse, including allegations against this former councillor and no doubt one day he will have to answer to such allegations. As well as the historical stuff no doubt SYP & RMBC will be turning their attention to current crimes and it’s good to see some monsters have already been sentenced for their recent wrongdoings.


  7. Hopefully everyone will keep up the pressure and voters will choose more wisely who they want to represent them in Rotherham. I met some brilliant Muslim women who could represent their community very well in the council chamber; women who were honest, had integrity and would not abuse their power or be intimidated by those who would try.


  8. Time the Police investigated each and every RMBC Elected Member and Officer who held office during the period when CSE in Rotherham was being ignored

    Using the test of misconduct in public office would be a good place to start.

    This from the CPS:

    Misconduct in public office is an offence at common law triable only on indictment. It carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. It is an offence confined to those who are public office holders and is committed when the office holder acts (or fails to act) in a way that constitutes a breach of the duties of that office.

    You do have the wonder why RMBC Elected Members and Officers are not being investigated while blogs like Rothpol exposed the criminality rife in the town recieves threats from South Yorkshire Police.

    Then again threats are not new, just look at the dormant Bradford Rotherham Politics blog for a flavour of the language used against this blog when the blog continued to cover the rape of children in Rotherham.


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