Rotherham sex-grooming brothers jailed for a total of 79 years

Rotherham sex-grooming brothers jailed for a total of 79 years

Three sex-grooming brothers who were said by victims to have “ruled Rotherham” for a decade until their violent and degrading campaign of child abuse was exposed by The Times were today jailed for a total of 79 years.

A judge told Arshid, Basharat and Bannaras Hussain that their “appalling catalogue” of crimes caused harm of “unimaginable proportions” to 14 young girls who showed “immeasurable courage” by reliving their years of abuse in court.

“The impact of your offending on the victims, their families and the wider community has been devastating,” Judge Sarah Wright said.

“Their childhood and adolescence can never be reclaimed. They will continue to suffer throughout their lives as a result of your actions.

“Each in your own way perpetrated or facilitated the sexual abuse of these young girls.

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8 thoughts on “Rotherham sex-grooming brothers jailed for a total of 79 years

  1. I have just looked at the right hand side of this blog on the Twitter feeds. Not one word from Saint Sarah about RMBC involvement. Ex Labour Cllr Judy Dalton, nothing about RMBC. and most telling of all, nothing about RMBC`s involvement by Cllr Hoddinott.
    Its a case of, “If we keep quite, the Police will take the whole blame”, smoke and mirrors, “honest nothing happened, we have a new council now, and we are ace, cos the Commissioners say so.”
    denial, denial, Shame on you all.


    • Wait, let me get this straight, you’re saying Barron was on TV stating he WAS aware in 2004? But hasn’t he just taken Caven Vines to court for saying that very same thing? And Won? Please tell me you recorded it.


  2. It gets worse, abusing a girl in a Police station car park, being spotted by the Police and… they do nothing.

    Would the serial deniers from SYP who were trolling about on here not that long ago, saying it was nothing to do with the Police, it was all the social workers faults etc. care to retract their statements? I find their recent silence speaks volumes.


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