My cousins the Rotherham child abusers and the Asian men who share their twisted view of white girls: A brave and very personal denunciation by a British Pakistani of those in his community who defend grooming gangs

They raped countless girls, some as young as 11. They forced others into prostitution and lived the high life on the proceeds. And, in ordinary looking houses, on ordinary-looking streets in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, they shared vulnerable youngsters between them, indulging their depravity with a sickening arrogance.

It is a charge sheet that any decent person will find horrifying and abhorrent. But, to me, these disgusting crimes carry an all-too-personal significance. Because the men of whom I speak are, in fact, my second cousins.

Arshid Hussain, 40, along with his brothers Basharat, 39, and Bannaras, 36, were this week convicted of grooming and sexually exploiting young girls in their hometown of Rotherham. Yesterday, Arshid, the ringleader, was jailed for 35 years, while Basharat and Bannaras got 25 and 19 years respectively, for 50 offences against 14 girls, including multiple rapes and indecent assaults, abduction and false imprisonment

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9 thoughts on “My cousins the Rotherham child abusers and the Asian men who share their twisted view of white girls: A brave and very personal denunciation by a British Pakistani of those in his community who defend grooming gangs

  1. All honour and respect to Mohammed Shafiq, a honest a decent person who deserves the highest of leadership roles within the community. He is capable of making a great contribution to inter community relationships.
    i first noticed him, as will other RothPol readers, when he had a strange, obtuse but passionate Twitter spat with Akhter…part way through which I realised that he had sussed Akhtars hypocrisy and deviousness in pursuit of self interest.

    He knew how far Akhtar would go for self interest.

    Following him since then, I can say that he is consistent, intelligent, clear and has a great vision for the future of the Mirpuri community.

    How different from his other distant cousin, Muhbeen Hussain who is still a denier of the extent of misogyny within the community. A dissembles and evader of hard questions.

    Were I Mirpuri I would back Shafiq’s honesty…only that way can change happen and the community achieve harmony.



  2. A well written article given that he is most likely the man on whom Muhbeen Hussain models himself. ! watched “Rent a Quote” Muhammed Shafiq being trotted out on just about every TV news item relating to the conviction of his cousins. Each interview seemed to end with the quote – “this is a form of racism” ! No it isn’t – it is rape, torture and vicious sexual exploitation of young white girls. Check out Mr Shafiq on his own twitter pages, on his Wikipedia pages, read the reference notes at the bottom of his Wiki page and follow the links therein , read the local Rochdale papers about his conspiracy of “deceit” in his use of a false identity on social media in an attempt to destabilise the local Lib Dem party. Read how his Ramadham Foundation (said to be the brainchild of him and his brother) held a Unity Conference where speakers allegedly included Islamiic hate preachers !). More worrying is the reference to his falling out with a secular Muslim LibDem member over the public tweeting of cartoons from the “Jesus and Mo” series which culminated in death threats , under Sharia law, to be invoked from radical Muslims. Not quite the image he constantly pushes in his many media appearances. Sorry about all the “apparently” and “allegedly” in this piece – it is based on a couple of hours surfing the net in the wee small hours plus a couple of large G & Ts ! I suggest you good people of Rothpol check out the sites mentioned above in case it was all an alcohol induced dream.
    On a different tack has everyone seen the latest in the “Times” re Asbo ?? Guess his asshole will be twitching given the claim from one of the witnesses who said she would only speak to the Rozzers after the trial of Arschid et al was finished !!
    Toodle pip.


  3. Shafiq is trying to project and promote himself as a “communnitee” leader who like many others has not been elected or nominated.
    These cousins of his were doing their evil acts for a long time before their convictions. It would have been common knowledge in his family and community about what his cousins were up to so how is it that Mohammed Shafiq remained silent and did not go to Media or the Police about his cousins before now?
    One could view his actions as an opportunistic parasite feeding on the publicity given to tragic victims of such evil horrors and suffering, to promote and project himself in the media.


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