Two guilty of killing pensioner Mushin Ahmed

Muslim pensioner’s killer jailed for life

The widow of a Muslim pensioner who was killed by racists after they falsely accused him of grooming white girls has described how she struggles to explain to their grandchildren that he died because of his faith.

Mushin Ahmed, 81, was punched, kicked and stamped upon while walking to a mosque for early morning prayers in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. The town has been at the heart of a scandal involving gangs of mainly Asian paedophiles sexually abusing white girls. There was no suggestion that Mr Ahmed, who had 14 grandchildren, was implicated.

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46 years in jail for OAP’s racist killers

THE two racist killers of “mild-mannered” Muslim Mushin Ahmed have been jailed for a total of 46 years.

Dale Jones, of East Bawtry Road, Whiston, was sentenced to life for the Rotherham grandad’s murder and ordered to spend at least 32 years in prison.

Damien Hunt, of Doncaster Road, Clifton was found not guilty of Mr Ahmed’s murder but guilty of the 81-year-old’s manslaughter. He was jailed for 14 years.

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Two guilty of killing pensioner Mushin Ahmed

A SECOND man has been convicted over the death of Rotherham grandad Mushin Ahmed.

Damien Hunt, of Doncaster Road, Clifton, will be sentenced within the next half-hour after a jury this morning found him not guilty of Mr Ahmed’s murder but guilty of the 81-year-old’s manslaughter.

Hunt’s co-accused, Dale Jones, of East Bawtry Road, Whiston, was found guilty of murder last Wednesday.

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Torment of Mushin Ahmed’s racist murder like being ‘buried alive’, says pensioner’s wife

The wife of murdered Rotherham pensioner Mushin Ahmed has described the terrible torment her and her family has suffered after he was murdered in a racist attack last summer.

Members of the jury were left in tears as Margaret Ahmed, known as Peggy, read out the statement in court today.

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VIDEO: ‘Racist thug’ gets life for murdering Muslim pensioner

A ‘racist thug’ has been jailed for life for the appalling murder of an 81-year-old Rotherham pensioner.

Dale Jones, aged 30, of East Bawtry Road, Rotherham, will serve a minimum sentence of 32 years in jail for the racially-aggravated murder of Mushin Ahmed last August.

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Mushin Ahmed death: Two men jailed over racist Rotherham killing

Two men convicted of killing an 81-year-old grandfather in a racially motivated attack have been jailed.

Mushin Ahmed died 11 days after he was attacked by Dale Jones and Damien Hunt, both 30, as he walked to prayers at a mosque in Rotherham in August.

Jones, of Norwood Street, Rotherham, was jailed for life with a minimum term of 32 years. He was convicted of murder.

Hunt, of Doncaster Road, Rotherham, was jailed for 14 years for manslaughter.

During the trial at Sheffield Crown Court, jurors heard Jones attacked Mr Ahmed after accusing him of being a “groomer”.

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Full story: Mushin Ahmed – trial of alleged murderers

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13 thoughts on “Two guilty of killing pensioner Mushin Ahmed

    • Reg… Can we settle on ‘ drug and alcohol fueled racist killers of OAP ‘ and be done with it…. I appreciate your intention of referring to newspaper articles. Mine is hammering home to young people that drug and alcohol use produce more than a good time… Let’s both respect each others approach to the subject. There is more involved here than either of just wanting to be ‘right’….


  1. Dale Jones got a deservedly 32 years for brutally murdering an 81 year old man. Laura Wilson’s killer who brutally murdered her when she was just 17years old, and had most of her life in front of her, was given seventeen and a half years. They were both racist murders but with a big difference in the murder’s sentence.


    • Hi mal , I saw the TV documentary of this murder a few months ago… Also read of Laura’s sister being violated from the age of 11 by the same vile brutes involved with CSE and ignored by those in a position to assist her. RMBC and SYP and Child Protective services….
      At the time of typing this comment my feelings are that the deeper one gets into trying to understand all the intrigue and cover ups and political correctness, I get the feeling of despair of any real justice for all concerned. . Political Correctness and being branded racist prevents girls from being warned what can potentially happen if she causes some Moslems to ‘ loose face’….Honour killings are rarely prosecuted in Pakistan …In fact the norm in some places….(Remember the lass that was stoned to death outside a police station) Loosing face is unpardonable and will always have a terrible consequence to anyone accused. This makes young girls very easy targets to get ‘in over their heads’ so to speak. Many of the children involved in Rotherhan CSE would have realized too late what it would mean to them if they caused any of their abuses to ‘loose face’.

      As a Christian I expect and understand that I will be criticized for ‘unchristian behaviour’ . Had a lot of experience in this regard. People are entitled to criticize me for what they perceive to be unchristian behavior without being a called a ‘racist’ ..They would never be prosecuted and they never should…. Indeed, Richard Dawkins publically said raising our children to believe the bible is child abuse and we should have the prospect of having our children removed from our care… He knew and felt perfectly safe for spouting something so offensive to a section of society whose faith was important, that he could do so without prosecution or even at risk of someone letting his car tyres let down….
      Anyways, try to imagine what would happen to a teacher, a child welfare worker a church Pastor etc if girls were for-warned what can potentially happen getting involved with people of different culture, mixed with drugs, booze and sex. There jobs would definately be on the line…
      There are at least 1400 Rotherham children and one murder of a young vulnerable girl alone which proves to me at least, that we must be clear what racism is and what it isn’t.

      Finally, the ridiculous 17 year sentence is due perhaps to the stupid and dangerous idea that prisons are for rehab and not punishment.
      I say again… 35 years in Jail is not sufficient punishment for cruel taking of ones life regardless of age….


    • Not only was there a difference in sentencing but in the classification of the nature of the crimes.

      Mr Ahmed’s killers were deserved vilified as racist thugs. Laura Wilson’s killing was described as an honour killing. Although Laura’s brutal murder was equally racially motivated but neither the establishment, nor the press described her killer generally as a racist thug.
      SYP’s representative outside court yesterday Victoria Short laudably commented that:

      ‘To cause harm to another person because of the colour of their skin, race, religion ethnicity or belief system is beyond reproach (sic). I personally cannot believe someone could be treated in such a callous and inhumane manner’.

      The BBC Look North report lasted less than two minutes, within that time the killers were described as racist thugs twice, that the murder racially aggravated once, that Mr Ahmed was murdered because he was Asian, that the crime was an act of racial hatred, because of the colour of his skin – twice, because of his race religion, ethnicity belief, and that Ahmed’s murders were indeed racially motivated thugs.
      Last week the reporting by the BBC on the sentencing of Asian men for horrific racist crimes were not referred to as so once by the BBC or at all with the litany of racist profiling rightly afforded to Ahmed’s killers.


      • There’s no such thing as an honour killing. Murder is murder, is murder……….. and we should stop using the term. We should not give any credence to any of the barbaric practices these enemy aliens have brought here.


  2. Of course murder is murder Mal….I give no credence whatsoever to their barbaric practices… The brutes who did this to the old man and young girl ought not to breathing the same air as you and me.
    The point I am trying to make is this. I would be called a racist (according to British political correctness) if I cared enough to warn young women that in Pakistani culture they feel justified in killing you if you cause them to ‘loose face’… That is how they perceive shaming the family…. When that young woman (rightly in my view) went to complain to the boys family she became in mortal danger because she had no idea it could cost her life. A Pakistani girl would know what it might cost her and that’s why they remain silent in vile abuse.
    I don’t believe it is a ‘ racist act ‘ to tell young girls getting involved with men of different culture and religion that there may be a heavy price to pay … possibly their mental and physical health and even their lives.
    In my view once the horse has bolted it’s no use closing the gate….British girls need to know BEFORE they get involved with boys/men of that religion and culture what can potentially happen to them… There is plenty of factual evidence to convince them to think carefully before they get involved.


    • Spot on Linda, I totally agree with your comments. If the expression “honour killing” is unfortunately being used it should always be preceded with the words “so called.”


  3. Another view of the two different murders is that the two men that had a drug and alcohol session maybe did not wake up that morning and think … hey lets kill someone ….. but they did…. you could say as sad as it is that it was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time ….. BUT the killer and accomplice of Laura Wilson set out intentionally to lead her down to the canal to kill her …. I am not in any way excusing the two men who killed Mr Ahmed I think they should be hung …but why did Laura’s killer get a lesser sentence when it was always his intention to kill her.


    • Hi First time user…Good question… I believe the answer may be (according to modern British justice system) is, a teenage boy who can brutally and sadistically murder a young girl may be rehabilitated back into society… It’s a view I completely disagree with. We see evidence all the time in news items where penal ‘experts’ release a prisoner with the assurance that he/she understand the gravity of their offending and will NOT likely re-offend only to murder again and terrorize again.
      In my view prison should not be brutal but harsh…Very harsh…It’s called what it is…Punishment… For non capital offending I believe punishment has the potential to make criminals not want to return to jail and an encouragement to try to live within the framework of the law…. I have made clear on this blog my view on 1st degree, guilty beyond reasonable doubt penalty for murder… The book ‘Encyclpedia of Executions ; the stories behind every execution in 20th century Britain make fascinating reading and a must read by anyone interested in crime and punishment… by John J Eddleston… I got my copy from the library….
      One wonders how some judges are able to peacefully sleep at night after a sentence of 17 years knowing the awful details of a young girls last moments at the hands of this psychopath… A further disregard and unbearable blow to the family of the girl in this very disturbing story….


      • ps… Just a few minutes after my blog I starting reading news …. Usual story 26 year old served 18 months of 31 month sentence for rape of child between the ages of 10 and 14. Raped a 16 year old 3 hours after release on parole and he thinks it’s funny. A life sentence ought to wipe the smirk of his face… but of course it’s a false hope on my part…..


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