Council agrees £900m devolution deal

Sheffield City Region: Elected mayor in 2017 after devolution deal signed

Chancellor George Osborne has signed an agreement with political leaders in South Yorkshire paving the way for an elected mayor for the region.

The Sheffield City Region was one of 38 places to bid for increased control in how public money is spent in its area.

The deal – part of the government’s northern powerhouse programme – will require the support of local councils and be subject to public consultation.

As part of the deal, a Sheffield City Region mayor will be elected in 2017.

The mayor will be responsible for transport budgets and strategic planning.

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Council agrees £900m devolution deal

COUNCILLORS in Rotherham have formally ratified the £900 million deal bringing devolution to the Sheffield City Region.

The proposal was officially backed at Wednesday’s Rotherham Borough Council full meeting.

Leader Cllr Chris Read said: “It moves us another step closer to securing all the benefits which this deal will bring to Rotherham and is a measure of our ambition to be one of the first places in the country to be making important economic decisions for ourselves rather than depending on London.”

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19 thoughts on “Council agrees £900m devolution deal

  1. The city region project is fools gold.

    The bribe to councils by Boy Gideon will be sliced off the council’s budgets elsewhere by the tory chancellor.

    It is a body that will be a further vehicle for carrying out tory cuts by labour councillors in the region. Then the Govt can pass the buck and blame to the city region for a £5 million bribe per year that has been siphoned from other budgets.

    The half baked idea is also an affront to democracy whereby it has already been rejected by the public.

    It is gerrymandering

    Also other councils involved from outside south Yorkshire will be denied a vote but still be bound by the new mayor and city region.

    The Government should be told what to do ……that’s not printable on a family blog.


    • Ged
      “Also other councils involved from outside south Yorkshire will be denied a vote but still be bound by the new mayor and city region.”
      Are you sure that Chesterfield, High Peak etc will not have a vote, at least in the mayoral elections – that certainly isn’t my understanding?
      … and these people seem to agree with me on that:

      I have read in the recent past that those councils would prefer to be included in a solid Labour region than in their other alternative grouping – the North Midlands Region, which could easily be tory dominated.


    • I think that thinks have moved on since 2 October 2015 when that article appeared – try to keep up, it is a pretty fluid situation.


  2. I think that we found by the creation of metropolitan boroughs, that bigger isn’t better and doesn’t produce more efficient and cheaper services. I would prefer to see the borough slashed into pre 1975 districts, with more local accountability and a better quality of life. Creating Sheffield city region will only create a larger bureaucratic dinosaur.


    • Ha ha.
      look sonny I have a Sheff post code, a Sheff 0114 phone number, I live less 600 meters from the Sheff / Rotherham border, but my Council tax is paid to Rotherham, and if it were paid to Sheff, I would be paying more.


      • Regular reader My point is I don’t want to be part of Rotherham borough council or a Sheffield region either. However I do gravitate to Sheffield as opposed to Rotherham. I would prefer to live in the rural district my parents escaped to in 1966 to be away from these socialist monstrosities. I have concerns about the academic qualifications of our latest chancellor, can you tell me his mathematics qualifications?


        • I can only tell you my own:
          B Sc Maths
          M Sc Computer Science
          Ph D Monetary Economics.
          what are yours ?


      • “B Sc Maths
        M Sc Computer Science
        Ph D Monetary Economics.”

        Why are you not standing for the Council? Seriously, the economic illiterates at RMBC need all the help they can get.


      • That’s why I didn’t respond to him Tommo. I was on about Osborne having neither the qualifications or the equivalent in life experiences, to qualify him to be Chancellor of the exchequer. Regular reader has missed his qualification in humility or is a little too focused on left brain activities.


  3. To regular reader, North East Derbyshire like a number of other authorities have voted to be a non constituent authority meaning that although there leaders have a say, there citizens have no vote. Democratically this deal is a dogs breakfast as also evidenced by the fact that there will be no referendum on it’s implementation,giving it no democratic legitimacy what’s so ever. As rr eludes to, these are all Labour authorities meaning that there’s bound to be a Labour Mayor, scrutinised not by a democratic body but by appointed Labour council leaders. What a cozy little deal we have !


    • Skywalker ,
      I find all this really really complicated, so I give up on it.
      Above I was answering what I understood was the situation with Chesterfield, just that, nothing more.
      Tell me just what this is now saying:
      or link to other better and more uptodate information that you have.

      It would be great if you/we could get all this sorted out.


      • Skywalker.
        You say “there’s bound to be a Labour Mayor, scrutinised not by a democratic body but by appointed Labour council leaders. ” is that how it is going to work?

        I have a lot of experience of how the London mayoral system works, and it is nothing like that – there is an elected London Assembly to (in theory, but not in practise) hold that xxxx Boris Johnson to account,.


  4. Regular Reader
    It is really complicated and that’s partly my point. For example a mayor would want to have a good working relationship with their police force and crime commissioner this region straddles three forces and three commissioners. Many of Chesterfield’s services are run by Derbyshire County Council, as is the case with Bolsover within Nottinghamshire County Council. Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire both oppose the Sheffield City Region deal in preference to the North Midlands deal. The Mayor would need to work closely with both these authoritis to get things done in Chesterfield and Bolsover, I don’the think the country councils will be too helpful. The non constituent authorities will become full members of North Midlands Region who are meant to be in competition to Sheffield City Region.
    Like I said this deal is a dogs breakfast and even before we start talking about boundaries, i.e. Chesterfield is separated from Sheffield by North East Derbyshire who are not full members. The Mayor’s powers will cover transport and commuting but North East Derbyshire could decide they won’t play ball in allowing new bus routes though there territory. I agree absolutely this is hugely complicated.


  5. RR
    Oh forgot to say, it is the case that there won’t be an elected assembly but just a panel of council leaders. Real democratic scrutiny will not exist.


    • Do they not want to be part of a Yorkshire or Leeds region which would attract more funding as a real region?

      Maybe because Sir Steve would be unlikely to get the Mayors job?


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