Hopes CSE conference will ‘end the silence’

Hopes CSE conference will ‘end the silence’

THE FOUNDER of a domestic abuse charity hopes that a conference it held on child sexual exploitation in ethnic minority communities will inspire more victims to come forward.

More than 100 people, including Rotherham MP Sarah Champion and CSE researchers, attended the Ending the Silence conference, at Carlton Park Hotel on Friday.

It was organised by domestic abuse charity Apna Haq and brave victims were among the speakers, as well as CSE researchers Donna Peach and Rehailia Sharif.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/102100/hopes-cse-conference-will-end-the-silence-.aspx

23 thoughts on “Hopes CSE conference will ‘end the silence’

  1. Apna Haq means “My Rights”.
    More than 2,000 women and children have been helped by Apna Haq – to escape and overcome domestic and sexual abuse, so-called ‘honour-related’ abuse and forced marriage, and sexual exploitation.
    Never miss a trick do these ethnic groups ? This organisation is targeted at muslim women. Where were they when “their own” were raping white children ?
    Don’t tell me … they didn’t know it was happening.


    • FFS.

      It is wrong regardless of gender or race.

      It’s equally repugnant that this is being carried out against our kashmiri sisters.

      Anna has is doing a vital job.

      I am a white Yorkshire lad.


      • p.s. I am a white Yorkshire lad.
        “….. is being carried out against our kashmiri sisters.”


        Inshallah “white yorkshite lad”.


    • Where was their solidarity with the little white girls, whom they knew, their men folk was raping, abusing, beating, destroying families. Perhaps it was because it was happening to other races, they didn’t give a damn. Funny, never heard any of these people speaking out. Now there looking for sympathy. You reap what you sow


  2. Stop being so smug and show some compassion.

    We talking about real people regardless of race other are being abused, violated or honour exploitation/ forced marriage. All serious issues.
    We need to keep support agencies.


    • Agencies which are virtually exclusive targeted at minority groups should not be funded from the public purse.
      It always amazes me how Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups are always crying poverty when applying for funding but they can raise millions of pounds to build new mosques.


    • No – we need to stamp out the causes, get rid of political correctness, pro-multicultural bias. If it’s a problem in the Pakistani community they can fund it themselves – they fund the building of mosques and Islamic Centres without much difficulty.


  3. Unless there are reasons beyond our knowledge It is ridiculous that Apna Haq are losing funding. Especially so in the context of the Jay report and the Council’s failure to implement three key recommendations;

    Recommendation 12: There should be more direct and more frequent engagement by the Council and also the Safeguarding Board with women and men from minority ethnic communities on the issue of CSE and other forms of abuse.

    Recommendation 13: The Safeguarding Board should address the under-reporting of sexual exploitation and abuse in minority ethnic communities.

    Recommendation 14: The issue of race should be tackled as an absolute priority if it is a significant factor in the criminal activity of organised child sexual abuse in the Borough.

    For some time now it has been suggested that Apna Haq have bugged the the Kashmiri men, because they know what is really going on and can get to the heart of their domestic violence in a way that other, primarily white organisations can’t…that is they are on a small scales quite effective.

    Looks like the Council/Commissioners are not simply ignoring Jay, they are actually giving her two fingers .

    Seems like we may be back in denial land.



    • Wuff,
      Of course the continuing funding of APNA HAQ is essential.
      The only thing I can find questionable about them, is they don’t appear to have charity status, but I can’t image why.


      • Again, we have another organisation, who turned a blind eye to criminality, because it didn’t effect, their own racial group or Polictical interest. They have failed to address the problem, within their own culture and allowed it to affect another group. Never publicised it before or attempt to stop it, now crying wolf. The ? One should be asking is, if they were so inaffective before, as with the Imans and Polictical leaders, what good will they be now.

        Never read in the Jay or Casey reports, this group coming out and trying to stop the abuse to the little white girls. Perhaps they should be teaching Ash and his brothers parents, how to bring up good, decent male members of the community and not rapeists.


  4. Sarah Champion has been the MP most to deal with youth and CSE in Rotherham.

    It’s not gone away and will continue unabated despite the soundbites, platitudes and rhetoric.

    Apna Haq and the other agencies must be kept where women of all races feel most supported and listened to.


  5. For the benefit of anon…

    Apna Haq and the OTHER agencies must be kept where women of all races feel most supported and listened to.

    The abuse is not confined to only white girls.


  6. I hope I am not out of my depth here regarding the efficiency of this Apna Haq ( My Rights group) but talking and being listened to for the victims is only a small part of the healing…. Only the punishment of a very long jail term will help the healing process in the children and families involved…. Professionals and caring people are only helpful to a small degree. Brutalised girls and boys do NOT need to be looking over their shoulder in a few months time because the brutes have been paroled for …..’ good behavior’ .
    The war on sex deviants is about as effective as the so called ‘ war on drugs’ It’s just a slogan to make people think something is being ‘done’ by to make our communities safer….
    As I said in an earlier post in yesterdays news. A sex pervert was released after 18 months of a 31 month sentence for rape of a child between 10 and 14. Within 3 hours of his release he raped a 16 year old….This has become more the norm than the exception and we all know it…..
    Recently here in New Zealand the wisdom of the parole board release a child molester to an address on the same street as the child he had molested. Seriously !!!!!
    Post traumatic stress disorder is the inheritance of every child of this nightmare. They will not have a hope in hell chance of recovery knowing the brutes are out of jail in a few months or even a few years.
    Don’t people realise that justice denied to victims gives birth to vigilante type groups who will try to bring about justice mob style. Hell will freeze over before the ridiculous suggested monitoring panel will have any effect on right wing groups whom Left wing liberals are so terrified of.
    The justice system desperately in need of reformation in Britain and the adopted country in which I live. Sticking plasters on cancers never could work and liberal systems of dealing with societies vile deviants can’t work either…. All the money and commitees in the world cannot compensate for people feeling once again safe in their homes, street and communities…..
    If in doubt, go ask Granny and Grandpa if they felt safe when they were young…Ask them if they feel safe now they are old….They will tell you they lived in a time when punishment fit the crime and ordinary folk felt safer for it….Think about it please…


  7. Linda I agree with Mary.

    these victims need to feel confident to talk to someone they can trust and be supported by. Get these crimes out into the open rather than bottle them up.

    Or else they will be unheard and the brutes and the failing authorities will continue regardless.

    Only by dealing at this first Base will we progress to hopefully justice and a proper custodial sentence for the Scum.


    • Thanks Anon for the chance to open up a discussion…Rotherhams problem is multi faceted.. Patiently taking one step at a time with the hope justice will automatically follow may be a vain hope Anon. It’s taken something like 16/17 years to get this far and in the meantime there are a generation of brutalized children who need help to be able to trust people and the ‘paid’ services dedicated and to help them. ( they have been let down and betrayed before) and there is a risk it may be old hat to them.
      Justice delayed is of course justice denied…..
      We have a group called Sensible Sentencing Trust in NZ who are a thorn in the side of a weak justice system and keep the population informed about slack parole decisions when letting monsters back out into the community. They are there to support victims and families at parole hearings and don’t mind upsetting the parole board with a few home truths…I believe they are volunteers who are not legal morons.
      Anon in my view your comment sounds nice and PC but has no promise of swift justice for broken lives…It has no real bite that puts the breeze up offenders who think 18 months of free dinners is all they will get for their crime…

      I watched via webcast the daily trial of Oscar Pistorius from beginning to end. The prosecuting counsel Gerrie (pit bull) Nel is responsible for overturning the decision of the very light sentence of Oscar Pistorius’s to a possibly life sentence in a South African Jail…
      May God grant Rotherham someone with the tenacity of Gerrie (pit bull) Nel to bring relief and justice to the children, and fear to criminals and those who may be contemplating getting away with rape and murder….
      Amazing what one impatient man with a conscience can do eh…


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