Rotherham’s Mr MuhBean

Looks like Rotherham’s own Muslim Mr Bean, our MuhBean Hussain and his chums have yet again been stretching the truth.

Some of you will remember that last weekend was meant to be the meeting where the revolution began…with the aid they claimed of luminaries Imran Khan and and Michael Mansfield QC, who were billed on their leaflet as guest speakers for the launch of the save the Rotherham 12 campaign.

Sadly they proved to be busy elsewhere on highly important businesses. I suspect one was cleaning his car and the other had to go to the supermarket.

A bit of a disappointment, especially in the light of Sarah Champion not attending because ….despite her showing on the leaflet as “attendance yet to be confirmed.” It seems they forgot to invite her.

ON Twitter she stated, and I add only a little bit of Rotherhama spin here, words to the effect that she would rather sit on a rusty nail than be in the same room as MuhBean. Besides, she was helping Imran with his shopping at Tesco.

One suspect that Imran has sussed this little group of pretend, born again political prisoners as the right wing proto fascist louts they really are.

There is also the issue that not too long ago Michael had a little cloud over him, regarding an incident that required Police to respond to a domestic violence incident where he was present. Now no charges occurred, but some of his critics in the press clearly enjoyed an opportunity to embarrass him.

Could be that while innocent, it wouldn’t be great press for him to align himself with this dodgy band of misogynists.

A solicitor did attendance the meeting, one whose only serious political/legal statement I can find seems to be placing a legal argument on, I think, Twitter. Suggesting that legally the sending off of Zinadine Zedan in the 2006 World Cup final, when he head butted an Italian, was a racist act. Apparently though both Zidane and the player have admitted since that the Italian did not use racist language towards Zidane, merely accused his sister of being something quite saucy..

Anyway looks like MuhBean has himself a legal big hitter.

WE all expected lots of press releases after the meeting, pictures of the Mansfield and Khan with MuBean etc etc.

Instead there was a pitiful statement on the British Muslim Youth web site saying they intend booking the two legal heroes for the defence…that is, if they can get them they’ll have to pay. No pro bono political solidarity there them….and the caveat that Imran must have completed his stocking up on toilet roll at Camden Tesco before risking the wilds of Rotherham.

Beware Muslim Youth.

And Mums of Muslim Youth, insist your lads keep away from the charmless chump MuhBean. He’ll lead them into trouble in order to build his own name…but always be out of the way when the Police come a calling.

Wuff Justice

Ps what was Cllr Taiba Yaseen doing at that save the 12 meeting, can’t imagine Labour will be too keen on her associating with the likes of MuBean and and his proto-fascist gang of charmless men , even though he is family; what with elections coming up an all.

11 thoughts on “Rotherham’s Mr MuhBean

  1. all information appreciated..and I would not be surprised that Imran Khan and Michael Mansfield represent a client at the trial. In the case of Mansfield, can someone confirm that a barrister can only present one client in a trial?

    The point of my article is that Mansfield and Khan will do some work pro bono, that is for free if they have a personal political commitment to the cause.

    Then there is work they do for a fee. Just because it fits within their speciality. Means nothing other than they are hired hands.

    What I am interested in is whether Imran Khan is involved because of political commitment to their cause, or because he’s getting paid to work in his specialist area

    Imran and Mansfield, in tend to act bit like lawyers in the US….they play the media and public opinion….seeking to, and often I agree with them, politicise the issue.

    However I am intrigued that the event organisers MuhBean and MBY didn’t mention the presence of Imran on their own site…nor showed any photographs..they simply have an url linking to a Socialist WP article saying that he will act for them in Court…no photograph.

    Interestingly one contributor tto the article states what we have already heard before…..the aggro was not with the right wing fascist demonstrators…it was with users of the pub. As a regular down Wellgate and user of Kashmiri shops I know that for some time the local Muslim lads have been having spats with regulars (ie drunks) at the pub…firstly because the small batch of sad drunks are racist, secondly some of the Muslim lads think Wellgate is their patch and there shouldn’t be alcohol there.

    The conclusion being that there weren’t high political ideals involved, they aren’t Muslim freedom fighters, and they weren’t protecting their community. It was just one of many bunch of yobs looking for a bundle…and they didn’t care if the cops got in the way,



  2. Come on Wuff, the only racists in this lot are BMY. Racist to the core but some idiots believe that these minority groups can’t be racist. THAY ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE!


  3. Hi Wuff,
    I can see no possible reason why a barrister/ QC cannot represent an individual client in a trial such as this. (but I’ll check with a QC friend on Monday ).
    “However I am intrigued that the event organisers MuhBean and MBY didn’t mention the presence of Imran on their own site…nor showed any photographs..”
    Try brother Vakas’s twitter feed for images – that is where I found the one above.
    Vakas, Mubeen and Farid Waqass / MBY:
    My current assumption is that having got someone like Suresh involved in running the Rotherham 12 campaign, the bmy guys can and did take a back role. Suresh Grover has real and well deserved credibility as an organiser. He and to some extent Matt Foot appear to to be in charge of the campaign and the Socialist Worker coverage with be via Matt (IMHO).
    They are the ones that could pull Khan and Mansfield in. (but I have no idea who of that 4 got pulled in first – just my assumptions)

    I find it most interesting that Mubeen has now had an article published on the SOAS – London Uni website. But I seem to remember that both brothers graduated from London Universities.

    The easily avoidable consequences of a British Front demonstration in Rotherham are reaching the national stage. (SYCOPs really cocked it up – imho).

    (I’m just an observer of something I find quite fascinating. All of what is writen above is simply my conjecture.)


  4. Why do they want Mansfield and Khan to represent them in Court? Because they are two of the most dishonest, corrupt lawyers in this legal system today. I know, I have seen both of them in action, liars the pair of them who have corrupted our legal system for decades.


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