Make it easier to deselect MPs, says Corbyn ally Mark Serwotka

Another well spotted interesting piece:

Make it easier to deselect MPs, says Corbyn ally Mark Serwotka

Union leader who rejoined Labour has called for ‘no obstacles’ to be put in way of local members choosing a new MP

The leader of the UK’s fifth-biggest union who has recently rejoined the Labour party after a 25-year absence has called for activists to be allowed to democratically unseat their MPs.

Mark Serwotka, the head of the radical Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union and a close associate of Jeremy Corbyn, said that upcoming boundary changes will give thousands of new members an opportunity to change their parliamentary representatives. He called for “no obstacles” to be put in their way if they wish to choose a new MP.

Serwotka’s comments will alarm some on the right of the party who have sought assurances that Corbyn’s supporters are not preparing to use the boundary commission’s changes to get rid of the Labour leader’s critics.

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11 thoughts on “Make it easier to deselect MPs, says Corbyn ally Mark Serwotka

  1. Has Serwotka ever considered that some constituents might be perfectly happy with their current MP’s irrespective of whether they are ‘Blairites’ ?
    Toby Perkins (Chesterfield) has a majority of 15,598.
    Hilary Benn has a majority of 16,967.
    It seems to me the ‘Corbynistas’ want to impose candidates who will follow the party line and make sure voters will elect delegates not MP’s.
    What sort of democracy is this?


    • If they are happy with who the have got then there is no need for them to deselect their MP. If they are not happy, and it appears that they speak and act more to the values of the Tory Party agenda, then by all means deselect. It’s not rocket science.
      Nice to see though that Kippers are defending the Blairites.


      • David:
        I’m getting cheesed off with your constant references to me as a ‘ Kipper’
        I have not been a member of UKIP or any political party since 2011 and your snide remarks about anyone who does not agree with you do you no favours.
        I think I’ll start adding comments about ‘Corbynistas’ if you like.
        I admire champions of lost causes.


  2. Just an opinion, based on observations this side of the road – if deselection is to get easier, then many of the local labour MPs can go. In strong Labour areas, no matter how how angry the electorate is with their Labour MP, or how useless, they will still vote Labour. Such is democracy.


  3. This is going to bring hell down on my head.
    The rules of the Conservative and Unionist party make it possible to initiate a deselection procedure to deselect a sitting Conservative MP. I believe they require a proposal from the Association (constituency party) Executive Committee to a general meeting of members. A simple majority to deselect is all that is needed. (Or so I have been told)
    This I gather has happened quite regularly and Tory MPs usually go quietly before they are pushed.
    It seems that at a local level Conservatives have a higher degree of internal democracy than either Labour or the DimDems and possibly UKIP.
    (I am not a member of any political party and have observed their internal contradictions for many years.)
    I do not have access to their rule book to confirm this.


  4. Collin, You find it OK to keep using as a derogatory term, Corbynistas, in your posts. The type of sentiment used is typical of a Daily Mail bigot and most usually associated with Kippers. I personally am not upset at this kind of right wing induced propaganda, and it is having the opposite effect generally. The Labour party is increasing in size by some five thousand members a week.
    Corbyn’s politics are gaining momentum as the crisis in the Middle East pans out, and the economic crisis deepens. Please stick to politics and refrain from cheap ill thought out silly jibes.
    It is no secret where I stand politically, my colours are firmly nailed to the mast, and sticks and stones as they say, does not in the least bother me or the increasing number of members joining the movement.
    Nail yours to the mast and I will never be mistaken again.


    • @David Platts.
      The term ‘Corbynistas ‘ is no more derogatory than ‘Blairite’, ‘Thatcherite’ or ‘Brownite’ IMV
      One of the things I’ve learnt over many years using and contributing to different forums is respect for other contributors’ points of view. I have never been disrespectful to any contributor on this forum but you are quite happy to use terms such as “bigot” and “silly jibes”.
      I have no colours to nail to any mast. I’m an Independent councillor, free from bias, free from political persuasion and interference and I don’t have to follow any parties lines.
      I also support freedom of speech and other people’s rights to express a contrary opinion.


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