A bed-time read or, another perspective on what has been learned

Giles’ piece has been updated, with  fresh illumination brought to bear on Mahroof Hussain’s involvement, in an unsavoury incident, which has echoes of another, referred to in Denis MacShane’s book. Click on image to view:





14 thoughts on “A bed-time read or, another perspective on what has been learned

  1. A well written and well thought out article Giles. What upsets me is that the “Powers that Be including the national Labour Party and the (now) not so useless SYP do not investigate these people thoroughly ! People such as those referred too in your piece seem determined to keep Rotherham in the mire that they appear to have created. I was staggered when the Bostan brothers were acquitted in the Crown Court and can only hope there are other victims brave enough to come forward and give statements which lead to further investigations ! We can only live in hope.


    • Anonymous, not only has she chosen uneasy ‘bedfellows’ and to a party like Rotherham Labour which allowed the monstrosities of CSE to happen over such a very long period in our town. She will be more than aware of this.

      Rotherham Labour will effectively gag her from speaking out on issues that they do not like or approve of. Like her Labour councillor colleagues, she will not be allowed the indulgence of holding or expressing her own views.


      • To that end, it is rumoured Chris Read Council Leader has made a formal complaint to Labour about Sarah Champions conduct.
        Chris Read appears to be attempting a gag, of the very kind you allude to!


    • “How can Ms Senior think it is a good idea to stand for the party that allowed all this to happen?”

      Lets be fair about this. We have for the most part been highly critical of Labour on here lately (not without good reason), and we have been asking for change. Change requires new faces and new attitudes, doesn’t it? The old, not fit for purpose CSE deniers need to be weeded out from the Labour party, and be replaced with people who aren’t afraid of rocking the boat if that’s what’s needed. People who can recognize wrongdoing when they see it, and won’t allow it to continue unchallenged.

      Is Jayne Senior such a person? I think she is, I hope I’m right. One thing is for sure – you won’t change the Labour Party from the outside. They are quite famous, the Rotherham Labour Party, for ignoring good advice when it comes from outside the party. So you’d have to be “inside” to be heard. Perhaps she is hoping to effect change from inside? Isn’t that what we’ve been asking for?

      I am not voting Labour. Of the three Labour councillors sitting in my ward, two of them were branded “not fit for purpose” by Louise Casey, the other one was at the famous 2005 seminar but didn’t see fit to tell her Dad the MP (if you can believe that). All three were (are?) in denial. There has been no change locally. If Jayne Senior was standing in my ward it is likely I WOULD vote for her. But she isn’t, so I’m not 🙂


  2. The Bostans are on borrowed time. Slowly but surely the truth is unravelling, with every prod from Andrew Norfolk Rotherham inches closer to justice for victims of racially/religiously motivated paedophilia.


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