Relief at LGBT charity’s 11th hour reprieve

Relief at LGBT charity’s 11th hour reprieve

SARAH Champion told of her huge relief at funding being found to save the country’s only LGBT domestic violence charity.

Broken Rainbow had faced closure but the Government has confirmed another 12 months’ funding for its helpline.

Home Office minister Lord Michael Bates said: “Broken Rainbow plays an important role in supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender victims of domestic abuse.”

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12 thoughts on “Relief at LGBT charity’s 11th hour reprieve

  1. I don’t understand the aim of equality for LGBT but the necessity for different funding because they feel themselves a different category… Domestic or any violence against anyone should require the same response from the full weight of the law.
    Or… have I missed something….?


    • I think it is that LGBT persons feel more able to discuss their problems with people they are confident will definitely understand their situation.
      Would a hetro woman wish to explain her abuse to a hetro man?

      It is a small charity, it deserves to survive for at least another year.


      • Hi Reg…. Life gets very complicated doesn’t it….PC has made it more so I think…. Professionals are supposed to be impartial and if they aren’t then their job should be on the line… Someone getting bashed at home or anywhere else requires the same response. Safety is priority for the victim and punishment for the abuser….
        May I give just one example and there are a thousand others equally as important as mine. Because of my age I am familiar with elderly abuse ( not my own) in it’s various forms and it can be described as domestic abuse… I say this because most of it happens with close relatives in the victims own home… Physical, mental, emotion and financial abuse happens with close family members…Most goes unreported though professionals say it is now epidemic in our society…While there are support groups (Age Concern) and so on I believe it operates by volunteers who know there is a problem and care enough to help give direction and support. In my view there ought be enough caring folk in the LGBT community to offer the support and specific understanding of their situation, but the action that needs to be taken in all cases of abuse is basically the same…. Protection of the victim and punishment of the abuser. That is the entitlement of every man , woman and child….. May I also add that the fear of being called racist was part of the problem of CSE ….. So please let’s not get hung up or intimidated by a new title LGBTphobia and re-affirm everyone who is victim of abuse is entitled to the same protection from the agencies un the law of the land…


      • Hi Linda, there is a need for a charity specifically for LGBT people. I understand why you would think that a professional’s job would be on the line if they aren’t impartial but that isn’t necessarily the case. Take a look at the link below and you will see that it was deemed unfair to dismiss a nursery worker for holding anti-gay views. It could just as easily have been a domestic violence worker.


    • For many people there needs to be an interface/councillor between them and the law.
      If I were LGBT and on the wrong end of domestic violence I would want that interface to be someone who is known to be empathetic to my gender/sexuality/whatever.
      It’s a small charity and a small amount of money.
      Lets keep it alive.
      I’m so pleased it has at least it has another year; so many important small charities have gone to the wall under the current and last government*.
      *This was one that I had involvement with that is no more:


      • I have never been a paid employee of any voluntary sector organisation, but in all cases I volunteered after someone I knew and trusted asked me to get involved.
        With Skill, as much as anything it was the help they gave to my dyslexic son in his university years. (… and the kid then got a distinction on his masters at LSE !).
        Do you want a list of some of the others?


  2. No Reg, I don’t want a list of your other voluntary service but you have really answered my question very well…. You see my view is that understanding and committed volunteers do a better job than ‘funded’ people in certain situations. Your own experience and that of your son proves the point I am trying to make….
    My husband and I are members of Al-Anon. A wonderful group of self supporting volunteers fully committed and fully understanding of what it means to live with Alcoholic members of ones family. Alcoholics Annoymous are a highly qualified, self supporting group who ‘alone’ understand what it means to struggle with Alcoholism. Recovering alcoholics are the best professionals to help fellow men and women who struggle every day with the problem of alcohol…..They are completely self supporting and care more than any other sector in society and are the most successful. There self supporting also means NO INTERFERANCE from government agencies who think they know best because they condescend to throw a few bob their way…..
    I thought ‘wrongly’ when I sought the help of Al-Anon I would be showered with sympathy. Not so….I was counselled to leave my ‘nemesis’ alone to drink in peace and deal with myself . Best news in years. It worked extremely well in restoring a difficult relationship with someone I love…. My point is this….No one will understand the LGBT community better than themselves. Our demands to be recognized, understood and funded is not the best way of achieving what we seek most and that is respect…. Think I have said all I need to on the subject except when we expect ‘government’ to fund all our needs we are really expecting our hard working , tax paying neighbors to cough up…..


    • Hi Robin, Perhaps I haven’t said all there is to say on voluntary workers vs paid professionals being the best help to certain groups in society…
      I do understand where you are coming from with your question but I believe ‘no amount of government interference or legislation’ can actually persuade each person against their own conscience’ People are entitled to believe whatsoever they choose about certain lifestyles but it gives them no moral or legal right to disrespect or persecute another member of society because of it….. The worker who was dismissed, for her view alone , would be discriminatory but if she showed contempt and disrespect for LGBT community that is another matter….
      The famous Quinton Crisp has some interesting comments of his own that has caused some angst among his brothers and sister so to speak. He can be viewed on youtube simply by entering his name and click whatever he is speaking on that is of interest in this debate…..He delivers quite a surprise while maintaining a wonderful sense of humour…


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