Will Labour let anyone in?

Update – Guido is reporting Gerry Downing has been ‘excluded’ from the Labour Party.

Visit: http://order-order.com/2016/03/09/gerry-downing-excluded-from-labour-party/

Guido has this piece which indicates they will let just about anyone no matter how unsuitable. Click on image to read in full:

Socialist Fight: http://socialistfight.com/

McDonnell Pals With 9/11 Apologist: http://order-order.com/2016/03/09/mcdonnell-pals-with-911-apologist/



12 thoughts on “Will Labour let anyone in?

    • The term Trotskyist Collin, was a phrase used by Stalin against all opposition to his brutal and murderous regime that took over after Lenin’s death in Russia. Stalin went on to murder all the central committee of the original Bolshevic Party, and then went on to murder millions of “Trotskyites”, especially after the debacle of the Spanish Civil War. Stalin, then went on to murder all Trotsky’s family and then the great man himself by a Stalinist agent.
      Trotsky left a legacy of the most brilliant pieces of political literature that has ever been written by a latter day Marxist, including on the betrayal of the Russian Revolution.
      Now, this snippet of information will be of little use or interest to a Daily Mailer or a Guido Fawkes follower but, let’s hope there is some intelligent life form out there which might be inspired by it, and go on to read that rich legacy.Eh?


      • I don’t need political history lessons from you.
        I’m well aware what Stalin did and what Trotsky tried to do, the question remains:
        Do you welcome a Trotskyist in to the Labour party?


  1. Isn’t it a prerequisite these days, you need to have a hard left view to be accepted in the Labour Party. Anything else and you will thrown out


  2. Are you inferring this is another conspiracy against a left wing activist and he did not say the things he is accused of?
    We should be told.


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