A Result!

Sunday trading defeat for government as MPs reject changes

Plans to overhaul Sunday trading laws in England and Wales have been dropped after they were rejected by MPs.

The Commons opposed proposals to allow councils to extend opening hours by 317 votes to 286, as 27 Tories rebelled.

Ministers had sought to limit the rebellion by promising to trial the changes in 12 areas but said afterwards they would respect MPs’ views.

Critics of the plans said they would “chip away” at Sunday’s special status and put undue pressure on workers.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-35768674

7 thoughts on “A Result!

  1. One in the eye for Cameron and Gideon. Now this same “unholy alliance” of Labour, SNP and rebel Tories should seek action for removal of S4 of the Arbitration Act which allows Sharia law to operate in this country to the detriment of women and “Kuffars” !


  2. what I dislike is those protected from working Sundays, but then trying to force others to work Sundays. However in the case of doctors, they should cover 365 days a year and have their hours limited to 40 a week.


  3. The Sunday trading laws are irrelevant as they are harming the fixed centres of trade and not internet trade, which is growing. Hopefully, your’ll have a major high street store, under a certain capacity , which is allow to trade on a Sunday, all day and not one of these thieving local, all the family, including the grandmother is making an income from it, washing the drugs money through, selling shoddy , out of date goods, family businesses. You know the type.


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