It is nearly the 11th anniversary of the seminar after which ‘no one can say they did not know’

It is nearly the 11th anniversary of the seminar, on 5th April 2005, after which, ‘no one can say they did not know’!*

Labour’s claims to have changed and to have learned from past experience, has a rather hollow ring if one looks at Labour candidates that will be proposed by them and if elected, will still be in the Town Hall.

Readers nominees so far, for ‘Labour’s due-diligence, biggest failure prize 2016’:

Adalat, Shakoor
Atkin, Alan
Beaumont, Christine
Beck, Dominic
Ellis, Sue
Godfrey, Maggie
Hoddinott, Emma
McNeeley, Rose
Roche, David
Rushforth, Amy
Sims, Kath
Tweed, Simon
Whysall, Jennifer
Wyatt, Ken

If a reader should know of others, be grateful for the info, or if you would like to suggest reasons for these candidates to be considered due-diligence failures, either leave a comment, or email me here, Rik.

Note* Prof Jay’s Report

7 thoughts on “It is nearly the 11th anniversary of the seminar after which ‘no one can say they did not know’

  1. I would like to nominate Chris Read, for inclusion in this list.
    Chris Read was less than straightforward in concealing the location of his home at that time of his first election to the Council which was Swinton, I believe, from his potential voters.
    Not the kind of behaviour, one would expect from an open, honest and transparent Leader of RMBC.
    He is still lying to us, pretending the problem is being properly dealt with now and they have learned their lesson and so have the Police.
    The truth is still largely hidden, but won’t remain so for much longer.
    The scale of suffering, would have remained hidden from us, had it not been forced out into the open by brave individuals and, I have little doubt, would still be hidden to this day were Ex Councillor Jahangir Akhtar still in harness!


  2. I have evidence that makes me believe no change re council . Whistle blowers still not safe and safeguarding adults has ? marks. Still a political football. Told that police did not investigate re theft in care home… everyone passes the buck. Maybe a new culture emerging. Maybe it’s time I posted my documents. No one can say they do not know , I quote Mr Healey. “I’m worried that this will be Rotherham’s next scandal” re whistle blowing and care home abuse and investigations 2012 – 2014. No change re care home abuse. Who is responsible. I quote Mr Roche.January 2016 “We can’t sack care home MD’s.” I was told by a wb they will listen to her as he wants to be an elected member. I said they should listen to everyone. Their Minutes ( watered down available ) and my own notes. Tribunal documents available too along with many documents. I did send my documents to Mr Pickles who sent them to Louise Casey but it was not her remit,No confidence at all .For a town that supposedly encourages speaking up reporting abuse this makes a mockery of it. Abuse upheld.
    At my meeting in January I did not know that the man I was meeting was in fact responsible for the very poor standards in adult social care. Pictured the week after in the advertiser with another failing home. The now deputy mayor who was conservative at the time told me to go to UKIP.
    Pass the buck.
    The person who facilitated my meeting with Roche advised me not to go to UKIP . did not know they too were standing for Labour. Told that she could leak to the press, the listen to her.
    I am not a political person, safeguarding should not be about this.
    What has changed in Rotherham since the Casey report? I am still experiencing the same old.
    I’ll call myself Sally, they know who I am. I am certainly not a hypocrite.I will not turn a blind eye.All abuse is unacceptable.


  3. Whistle blow in Rotherham re abuse.3 times and you may come a cropper..
    Found police did not investigate thefts. So many times I took evidence of thefts and cover up.
    People that covered up thefts and did not report “abuse”, lacked candor , mislead tribunal still
    running the care home. Deputy was forced to cover up to keep her job.Families were lied to.
    Also if you ask for anonymity and confidentiality at Assessment Direct as a whistle blower it does not mean it will happen. My name was given, never met them. Anon whistle blower .I was just doing my job. Documents available. Report safeguarding concerns and all roads will lead back to the council. 2013/14 1556 alerts of abuse in adult social care and 85 upheld. Even if upheld does not mean accountability.Often the homes are left to investigate themselves, even the very people you have complained about.
    In my opinion adult social care needs a shake up.
    Home number 3.
    Email from My MP below … just words.
    Dear XXXXX
    I am delighted to hear that you have been vindicated, especially after everything that you have been through. You stuck to your guns and forced the truth out.
    With best wishes.
    Kind regards
    Rt Hon John Healey MP


  4. Tribunal document below : safeguarding knew. Seems behaviour like this is acceptable. Truth came out at tribunal. I was sacked for reporting thefts to the police. Tribunal did not hear everything eg abuse upheld. Quite angry to find out the police did not even investigate it. I had struggled reporting abuse at work and lack of standards and care since August 2014.
    At tribunal the fact that I had raised concerns at other homes was used by their barrister. I had to represent myself. I won my tribunal but it was about vulnerable adults.

    27th September 2015
    For the urgent attention of a judge
    Re; X v X
    Having not been able to contact X since she was dismissed in December 2014, I feel that now we have been in contact again, that I would like for you to consider my letter as evidence for X.
    I was Deputy Manager at the time when X was employed by XX and had a good working and personal relationship her. I think I was a good support for her at the time, but due to my position as Deputy Manager was advised by XX not to be in contact with her due to the ongoing investigation.
    I am aware that this may be late, but I only found out over the weekend that X witness statements had to be in by Friday.
    I am requesting that this letter is added to X case for consideration as evidence.

    In November 2014, I arrived on shift to be told that 90 X had gone missing from a Service User’s money tin. This money had no paper trail and had been there since he had been on holiday to X in April 2014 with his parents.
    The money had not been accounted for on any paperwork since August 2014.
    Staffs that were on shift looked all over for it and I had looked in the Service User’s personal file in the locked cabinet in Manager’s office and it could not be found.
    Manager (XX) was informed and the Service User’s parents were informed by staff.
    The day after, when I arrived on shift, I was told by said manager that XX (Managing Director) was replacing them himself but was not happy about it. But he only had 70 X and would have to get 20 more to make it up to 90 X
    I was told not to say anything to anyone, and the service user’s parents were told that they had been put into a different section in the filing cabinet, and this is why I didn’t find them when I looked. This was untrue.
    As I am the type of person that hates being deceitful and needed to speak to some-one about this, I told X about the situation. We were travelling in the company vehicle at the time and had just dropped Service User’s off at their day centres.
    When the money that went missing in December2014, that was a Christmas gift for the Service’s User’s from XX £50, £25 each for 2 of the service user’s, XX claimed that the money was his and not the service user’s .Therefore, it was not a case for safeguarding. This money also had no paper trail. But it had been in the service user’s money tin ready for them to be took shopping to purchase their Christmas gift. They were given £25 each after Christmas to replace the money that went missing. This money was recorded on their finance sheets. X filled in an incident sheet on 18th December 2014, regarding the theft of the monies and relating it to the X. Then X contacted the police on the 19th December to ask for advice on the situation.
    During my time working at XX, which was a total of 8 months, other items had gone missing and these came to light after X had been dismissed. The thefts continued into March 2015, when it was discovered that another member of staff was responsible for the thefts. She was dismissed.
    After X was dismissed, she sent various emails to Manager, of text messages between X and me. This did impact on my position at XX, as some of them had derogatory comments about XX and XX in general. I was led to believe that X had ‘stabbed me in the back’ so to speak. I have since found out this to be untrue.
    I was given supervision; where XX wrote down what she thought I needed to say to respond to her questions relating to this matter ‘to save my job’. XX also wrote, that in relation to the theft of the X, that I had been mistaken, and told X that,’ in my view’, XX had replaced the X. When actually I knew he had done. I was made to sign this as if I agreed to everything that was written but I knew it was a lie.
    I was made to cover up the truth about the xx to save my job. In hindsight, this was a stupid thing to do. I very much regret doing this and told the safeguarding team the truth when I was called in May2014 to give my version of the events.
    This might not be admissible now at this point, but would be grateful if you could please allow it as evidence to help X
    She was a good worker. Did everything she was asked to do within her job role. She covered extra night shifts and day shifts whilst employed with xx and it wasn’t until xxstarted to question things that things went bad for her.
    She is a lovely caring lady and I wish I had been able to be with her from the start of her ordeal.

    Yours hopefully,


  5. Commissioner knows.
    For me it was about safeguarding after all our training. However I was left to rot. I told the what was happening at tribunal.
    21 st October 2015

    Dear X,

    Thank you for your email which you sent to the Commissioners on 6th October. The matters you raise appear to relate to an Employment Tribunal concerning issues related to

    your work for another employer. Unfortunately therefore I am afraid that the Council does not have any information that will be of assistance to you. Employment Tribunals are inevitably complex in nature and it would it not be appropriate for anyone from the Council

    to comment on the points you have raised.

    I am sorry that I am unable to help you further and I hope that you can find some resolution to what I am sure is a very difficult situation for everyone involved.

    Yours sincerely

    Stella Manzie

    Commissioner and Managing Directo


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