National Green Party leader Natalie Bennett visited Rotherham on Friday 11th March to discuss plans for the upcoming Borough Council elections.

She was interviewed outside the Town Hall by the joint co-ordinators of the Rotherham Green Party, Rebecca Whyman and Paul Martin.

Natalie reflected on the subject of child sexual exploitation

“What’s really key is that we have to listen to the victims… any child, any adult who comes forward is listened to, is treated utterly appropriately…it is also really important that we don’t stigmatise communities, that the reality is that this is a problem across all communities.”

Rotherham is now established as a separate Green Party in South Yorkshire and will be fielding a number of candidates in the May elections. Natalie emphasised

“We need councils who are looking to do everything they possibly can to protect services, particularly for the most vulnerable….even one Green on the council can ask and be challenging…we need to turn the green surge into Green seats.”
Both Paul and Rebecca will be standing in the borough council elections in May.

The full interview can be viewed on

Joint Coordinator for Rotherham Green Party, Cllr Rebecca Whyman can be contacted for further comment or information via

Rotherham Green’s are already on Social Media

About the Green Party

Imagine a political system that puts the public first. Imagine an economy that gives everyone their fair share.

Imagine a society capable of supporting everyone’s needs. Imagine a planet protected from the threat of climate change now and for the generations to come. That’s the world we want to create and we believe we have the means to do it.

By ensuring that everyone has access to a secure job that pays at least the Living Wage we will build an economy that works for the common good, not just the privileged few. By restoring public services to public hands we will ensure they are run in the interests of the people that use them.

By investing in renewable energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, we will build a stable and sustainable society that protects our planet from climate change.

By building more social rented homes and bringing abandoned buildings back into use we will ensure that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live.



  1. Are people in adult social care also vulnerable people. Yet the councillors of rotherham aprove to remove £3.3m from these services


  2. They say that they could challenge if they were on the council. I have been challenging from the public gallery at every full council meeting and in the Advertiser and personally to Cllrs on numerous issues. Where were the Green candidates??


  3. “Joint Coordinator for Rotherham Green Party, Cllr Rebecca Whyman”

    Currently a Parish Councillor for Hellaby. I don’t know anything about her beyond that, her register of interests is unremarkable. She does at least live in the parish she currently represents, which is always a plus point.

    I can pretty much guarantee I will not be voting for the Green Party in May, but I wish Cllr Whyman and her fellow Green Party candidates well.


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