Dozens of Rotherham taxi drivers have licences revoked in crackdown

Dozens of Rotherham taxi drivers have licences revoked in crackdown

Dozens of taxi drivers in Rotherham have had their licences revoked after tougher regulations were introduced in the wake of the town’s abuse scandal.

A total of 67 drivers were found to be potentially in breach of new ‘fit and proper person’ tests – with around 70 per cent of this group having their licences revoked after case hearings.

A further 171 taxi drivers in the town have had their licences suspended until they complete training sessions on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

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13 thoughts on “Dozens of Rotherham taxi drivers have licences revoked in crackdown

  1. Ok. So let’s do the math. 300 rapists at least associated with the abuse documented by Jay. Perhaps 200 with taxi licences. 67 have had their licences revoked. That leaves over 100 child rapists with Rotherham licences, unless they are amongst the many who are dodging the introduction of CCTV by licensing themselves in another area. We may find some of the 67 struck off sneak back by that route. Amongst those seeking renewal of their Rotherham licences there were some astonishingly prolific offenders, one (I assume he lost his licence) had two A4 sheets worth of convictions. But even now we have no grounds for believing the number of licensed rapists is less than 100 and many of the unlicensed ones will be sharing camera free cabs.
    No doubt Sajid will want his licence back on the heels of his acquittal.


    • Giles:
      “Amongst those seeking renewal of their Rotherham licences there were some astonishingly prolific offenders, one (I assume he lost his licence) had two A4 sheets worth of convictions. ”
      How did you find that out?


      • R.R. I am sorry I can’t tell you but I can assure you it is solid. RMBC is a leaky ship. I might add others had records for offences against children, for firearms and the like.
        Loudmouth, you are quite right. I took the lighter civil burden of proof into account before naming Sajid as a gangster. Hearsay is also admissible in civil cases.


    • Giles, did Jay conclude there were at least 300 perpetrators or that perhaps 200 had taxi licences? I don’t remember those conclusions being drawn by Jay but I could of course be wrong.


      • Well it wouldn’t be the first time Robin! But as it happens you are not wrong this time. As you rightly observe, those figures are not from Jay. Her report just scratches the surface. We have so much more even confining ourselves to the public domain. The NCA are looking into three to four hundred suspects, reports say. There are survivors who report being raped by hundreds. Taxi drivers are at the heart of it all, I know because I am investigating them. You are free to disbelieve of course. So 200 with licences before the renewal process is an educated guess.


      • Are we looking for more excuses for denial, the link between the Taxi trade and CSE is well and truly established, around the country. Even one Taxi driver is too much, think about the victims and not about the criminals, for once Robin.


      • Loudmouth, I assure you I’m thinking about the victims and potential victims.

        If you want to quote figures, please supply your evidence or better still a link? Rik.


      • Rik, why do you insist on editing my posts? The figure I quoted is the figure that Giles has posted above in the post that I replied to and got criticised for “thinking about the criminals”. Let’s have some fair play Rik!

        “If there are 200 abusers amongst the town’s taxi drivers that means 1 out of every 6 drivers is a threat to our kids (including mine). Hope that clarifies the reason for my interest. I couldn’t care less about the criminals and hope they get what they deserve.”


      • This council will continue to deny anything you say to them for example the laptops that went missing was the said office opened by a code lock system if so one or more persons knew the code have they been questioned regarding the security.
        It seems no one is responsible for anything with these they just hope people will forget and it will go away no such chance at least have the decency to be open and up front about things


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