Was Paul Scriven right?

South Yorkshire Police branded ‘incompetent’ over CSE data error

The force at the centre of the Rotherham abuse scandal has been branded “incompetent” after it released incorrect figures on its own work.

South Yorkshire Police said a “clerical error” meant it gave the BBC the wrong data on charges brought for child sexual exploitation (CSE) offences.

It pushed out a correction on the day Lib Dem Lord Scriven raised the issue in the House of Lords.

The force said it acted “as soon as the error came to light”.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-35811673

During the past week Paul Scriven, from the safety of the House of Lords, has effectively called for the removal of Chief Constable David Crompton.

In turn, the attack would necessarily include the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The criticism levied by Paul Scriven was sharply focussed on a claimed inability to effectively deal with child abuse.

Would recipients please note the minutes of the meeting of the Sheffield Full Council on 5 November 2008.

Phrases such a ‘Pot and Kettle’ and ‘Splinter and Plank’ and ‘Stones and Glass Houses’ come to mind.

The citizen’s write-up of the event was widely distributed at the time, including to the Chief Constable, and many others.

The local press, slave-sycophants to the council, as well as associated with the named organisation, had to apologise publicly for an inappropriate article that followed.

Paul Scriven, personally, at a later meeting of the Full Council, promised a thorough investigation.

Needless to say, there never was any investigation.

It would be easier for Paul Scriven to pass through the eye of a needle than berate others whilst having done nothing himself.

There is a word for such people.

By all means criticise where criticism is due – providing it is done with clean hands.

Feel free to ask for the relevant documents if unable to find them online.

Martin Brighton





3 thoughts on “Was Paul Scriven right?

  1. Crompton should have been made to resign or been sacked on the day the Jay report was published. How he survived when Shaun Wright didn’t is very strange – both should have gone


  2. WHY did SYP NOT arrest and prosecute Paul Scriven for failing to self-report and act upon the allegation of potential child abuse ?


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