Rotherham taxi drivers’ suspensions to aid public ‘confidence’ says commissioner

Rotherham taxi drivers’ suspensions to aid public ‘confidence’ says commissioner

The suspension of about 40 taxi drivers in Rotherham is aimed at restoring public confidence, according to the commissioner overseeing the service.

Mary Ney said the aim was to overcome a “a loss of confidence” in the wake of the town’s child sex abuse scandal.

Tariq Sadiq, of Rotherham Hackney Drivers’ Association, said he believed taxi drivers were “an easy scapegoat”.

But Ms Ney said they wanted to ensure the “fit and proper person” test requirements were fulfilled.

The rules take into account previous criminal convictions, complaints against drivers and more stringent safety requirements for the taxis.

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10 thoughts on “Rotherham taxi drivers’ suspensions to aid public ‘confidence’ says commissioner

  1. In order for the public to have confidence in anything, including taxi drivers and the trade they provide in Rotherham there has to be a breakdown as to what has happened to lead to any given suspension.

    It’s no good turning up after the barn door has fallen off through rust to get new measures or suspensions implemented.


  2. It is about time Taxi drivers realised they offer a service to the public and as such they should be able to withstand scrutiny and offer the highest possible standards to safeguard everyone.
    If Rotherham Taxi drivers are not prepared to commit to raising standards and helping to restore their battered reputations then perhaps they shouldn’t complain when out of town drivers take their business-irrespective of whether or not outside Taxi drivers cars and personal standards meet the current requirements.
    The very fact that Mary Ney has taken the decisions to suspend 40 drivers sends a very clear signal to all of us that at least someone is prepared to try and improve both the image and standing of local Taxi drivers.
    Taxi drivers should bear in mind; Heat.Kitchen.Exit.


  3. I applaud Mary Ney for her stance on the taxi trade in Rotherham. Tariq Sadiq trots out the expected platitudes about taxi drivers being an “easy scapegoat”. The fact is that certain of his membership not only trafficked the victims but also took part in the grooming and rapes, as shown in the evidence produced during the first in a series of trials which will be on-going for who knows how long.
    I can only believe that Mary Ney, with assistance, is striving to make Rotherham Licensing a beacon for all other Councils throughout the country. Unfortunately this will still leave licensed drivers coming into the town whose Licensing rules are somewhat more lax than those being put in place in Rotherham. Surely there should be standardised rules, set by Government, to stop this? A “level playing field” approach would certainly help in repairing the publics’ trust in the taxi/private hire trade.


  4. There simple solution to correcting the behaviour of these Taxi drivers, don’t use them, there’ll soon get the message and Buck up.


    • No, they’ll simply find other scources of income. Do you really think they’ll stop abusing and exploiting kids just because they don’t drive a taxi anymore?


  5. Pinochio comes to Rovrum

    Is barron and Healey still in denial?

    Weird how Cllrs, council and police officers and even family members who are Cllrs never raised the issue over 20 years on such a serious matter?

    Never raised at liaison meetings ?

    or over canapes or the Sunday roast or nut joint?

    Who do you think you are kidding….?

    Just the gullible voters


  6. In answer to Anon – maybe the reason that this issue was never raised in public lies squarely with the PC and Bullying brigade led by Roger Stone and others over the years. If the leadership ( and I use that term loosely) can stoop to burgling the office of a Home Office appointed researcher to prevent the truth about CSE coming out then there is nothing to stop them repressing anything they chose. Do not forget, also, the “theft” of laptop computers from the Civic Office, despite there being no evidence of a break in, and that RMBC preferred to spend £20k on trying to find the whistle blower who passed the facts on to Andrew Norfolk – facts which had been ignored and/or covered up by all at the top of the dung heap , better known as the Town Hall !


    • Do u honestly believe Cllrs, council officers and police never raised such a serious matter with local MPs???

      That family members like in Barons household failed to flag up?

      Nobody can admit they did raise it as they all failed to warn public of risks.

      All implicated and involved in the coverup.

      No duty of care



  7. Anon – Remind me, please, which party these local MPs’ belong too ? If I remember rightly it may be the same lot who suspended various councillors then reinstated one after a few weeks but don’t seem to have reported what actions, if any, they took against the others.


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