‘There was a feeling these girls were their own worst enemies — but they were children’

‘There was a feeling these girls were their own worst enemies — but they were children’

In the final extract from her book on the Rotherham scandal, youth worker Jayne Senior reveals how police failed to follow up on the abuse intelligence she gathered

I sat in my car outside the peeling front door which led to Debbie’s tiny flat. She was 21 now, and still the same angry, abused, vulnerable mess she’d been when I’d met her at the age of 16. She fell out with everyone — landlords, pimps, social services, the police — and anyone who’d ever dealt with her got the rough edge of her tongue. You only needed to say the slightest thing and she’d flip, blasting you with vicious abuse. Then she’d stop and burst into tears. She was that kind of girl.

Read on… http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/life/article4718382.ece



Part Two: ‘A lot of men abused these girls’  https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/a-lot-of-men-abused-these-girls/

Part One: The Rotherham whistleblower https://rotherhampolitics.wordpress.com/2016/03/19/the-rotherham-whistleblower/

I would like to deal with an issue Jayne Senior has been accused of, that of personally profiting from the misery of victims/survivors? Nothing could be further from the truth, all proceeds are going into a trust and will be used to continue the valuable work Jane Senior is involved in. Hope that makes it clear, so those naysayers, have the truth rather than the fictions currently doing the rounds!

8 thoughts on “‘There was a feeling these girls were their own worst enemies — but they were children’

  1. Pinochio comes to Rovrum

    Is barron and Healey still in denial?

    Weird how Cllrs, council and police officers and even family members who are Cllrs never raised the issue over 20 years on such a serious matter?

    Never raised at liaison meetings ?

    or over canapes or the Sunday roast or nut joint?

    Who do you think you are kidding….?

    Just the gullible voters


  2. Sexualisation of children has been slowly but surely going on for decades with Government approval… Those who protested and predicted where this would lead some 40 years ago were vilified, ridiculed , marginalised and dismissed as spoilt sports… .
    Censorship and ordinary common decency once protected the young from exposure to what is now commonplace everyday stuff. Pompei was kindergarten stuff compared to what our children are exposed to. And the slime of this world continue to get rich on it…. BUT WORST OF ALL the attitude expressed in today’s heading…”There was a feeling that these girls were there own worst enemies” Alien cultures capitised on our Western stupidity and then blame the kids…
    I am angry….
    Jayne Senior is an extraordinary lass…A rare breed…My plea to her would be… Jayne you don’t need Labour . They need you Jayne to camouflage their deceit, cowardice and neglect…


  3. Viewing the last rmbc webcast with commissioner Myers was an eye opener…..Peter Thirlwall ruffled Mr Myers feathers ( he seems to be the only one who can) to which the comissioners reply was more of a self defence of own his integrity rather than answer a very important question Mr Thirlwall made…… Thirwalls question was ignored….. Mr Myers was congratulated for his weak attempt to ridicule Mr Thirlwall’s contribution to the proceedings, with the usual titters from spineless mob who would rather project an image of being clean and clever than true…..
    Mr Thirlwalls very important comment to the meeting was that earlier Louise Casey said that victims (they were not referred to as victims ) when Louise Casey said the girls should be slapped with ASBOS for being ‘ naughty little girls’….TRUE OR FALSE…..Did she or did she not say that to the council.
    Jayne Senior refers to this attitude in todays topic for discussion.

    As for Commisioner Myers… well sir…800 quid a day is more than enough compensation for a few tough little questions…. Suck it up sir…
    The more you dig…. the dirtier it gets and a sad confirmation that RMBC can no more fix it than a zoo full of chimps.


  4. Well said Linda
    Jayne senior was captured by Sarah Champion for her own political advancement then passed on to the unfit for purpose local goons what I can’t understand is why such an intelegent person as Jayne Senior ,can’t see what they have done to try and control her this a typical Labour trick


  5. Thanks Greg,…I find that in engaging in this deplorable saga that I am also struggling with myself as well….The virtues I believe in brotherly love/ kindness/ courteously , turning the other cheek and listening to the opposite view to my own and so on that I am sorely tried on this one…. You might be aware I view RMBC webcast from NZ. When listening to the question from the public gallery and the response of Myers I find myself shouting at the tele “answer the bloody question you moron” I feel the same angst at most who chair the joke that is RMBC’s public meetings… Somehow I hope through Rothpol some comments may drift within the earshot of those ‘leaders’ and cause pain severe enough to bring a return to honesty and a clean slate…. I fear it is a vain hope…..


  6. Well done Jayne Senior on your book over Rotherham CSE and for being determined for exposing the collusion and Coverup.

    There is a need to bring them all to justice for the victims.

    To Hold those in authority to account for corporate failure, negligence and dereliction of duty. Then kick them all out.


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