Cameras to be installed in all Rotherham taxis by July

Cameras to be installed in all Rotherham taxis by July

CCTV cameras will be installed in all taxis in Rotherham by early July, it has been announced.

Rotherham Council commissioner Mary Ney said a deadline of July 6 has been set for the town’s taxi drivers to install cameras in their cabs.

The new measure has been introduced in the wake of the town’s grooming scandal – but drivers have said they are being made ‘scapegoats’, with some now pursuing legal action.

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6 thoughts on “Cameras to be installed in all Rotherham taxis by July

  1. ‘drivers have said they are being made ‘scapegoats’,
    That’s how it is I’m afraid. Because we had burglars we have laws against it. We had drunken drivers, we have laws against being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.
    If taxi drivers had reported their suspicions about their colleagues’ involvement in CSE sooner then compulsory CCTV might not be necessary?
    Some taxi drivers are pretty dumb, they cannot see that the installation of CCTV cameras will also protect them from false and malicious accusations of inappropriate behaviour however I do have some reservations; The audio facility can be switched on voluntarily, this could lead to more accusations against taxi drivers in that it will be his word against the word of his passenger.
    This is very sticky ground for Rotherham taxi drivers at the present time and no one in his right mind would turn off the audio in the present circumstances.


  2. If you have nothing to hide why are you afraid to have a CCTV camera fitted as Colin Tawn points out it also offers you a measure of protection and maybe if you had reported any suspicious behaviour it would not be like this


  3. I can remember around 2010, the taxi drivers were asking for CCTV to be fitted to protect them against racial abuse and assaults etc…. why are they so opposed to it now? CCTV will protect innocent drivers as much as it will protect the public from rogue drivers.

    But the Council needs to get a grip on drivers coming from out of town, and those who live in the town but are but are licenced by another authority (because they can’t get one in Rotherham now) that doesn’t require CCTV to be fitted. TheCouncil will need to work very closely with other Local Authorities in identifying the drivers who are abusing this loophole.


  4. They have only themselves to blame for their predictment, it was their behaviour and no one else. They should see it as an opportunity to clear up their trade and finally root out the criminals. As for out if town taxis, well an unwelcoming inspections, by police and licensing, would deter these parasites.

    Every time they venture into the town, perhaps someone should hand the customer a leaflet, extolling the virtues of Rotherhams taxis, in regards to safety and regulations. Then the customers could decide, who they feel safer with.


  5. Perhaps this will mean there will be fewer filthy rich landlords who are taxi driver/owners. You know, they will now be taxed on what they actually earn rather than what they disclose to the tax people. About time too!!


  6. there is a need to stop taxis coming from out of Rotherham from other towns where it is easy to get a taxi licence and car test and don’t have to pay a lot of money to have a camera put in so they can come to Rotherham and work with out a camera and pay a lot less then the taxi drivers in Rotherham how can taxi drivers compete


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