Rotherham – Police Threats & Cover-Up – Nicola Blackwood – Jayne Senior – Risky Business

Rotherham – Police Threats & Cover-Up – Nicola Blackwood – Jayne Senior – Risky Business

Spotted for us by Linda Wheeler from across the planet:

Rotherham: Kimber & Thacker address the HoC Committee 9th Sept 14

6 thoughts on “Rotherham – Police Threats & Cover-Up – Nicola Blackwood – Jayne Senior – Risky Business

  1. Question… Did Martin Kimber choose to receive his pension ?… In this interview he was ‘undecided’ whether he would take advantage of his entitlement … If he did, does anyone know how much ?
    As for Mr Cromptons 2 million pension, in view of his own admission before this committee it is absurd and equivalent of theft from the public purse…..


    • It’s not clear if Martin Kimber took his pension or not, it has never been disclosed.

      I have seen the HASC Kimber/ Thacker video before, but watching it again now, in light of Jayne Seniors book – well, I allowed myself a wry smile watching them cringe as Keith Vaz waved that file at them. Read the book, you’ll know what I mean.

      Did you notice what Mark Reckless said to Joyce Thacker about her “taking any kind of payoff” and the degree of public anger there would be if she did? She acknowledges this in her reply, then promptly pocketed a reported £45000 golden handshake. Reward for failure appears to be a common theme.


    • Linda, the difference is, Kimber didn’t pay a fraction of what Crompton has paid for his pension. I am no fan of Crompton but, he paid a lot of money for his pension and you cannot take it off him, it would be like me coming along and taking all the money from your savings account at the bank!
      The other thing is, Kimber and Thacker actually were involved in the cover up at the time, Crompton wasn’t even SY Chief Constable at the time.


  2. The best part of these clips, was when Thacker was asked how come she didn’t know what the hell was going on and how she tried to pass the buck, while pretending she was doing a good job. Apart from Vaz grandstanding, I thought the others on this committee, did an effective job of exposing an incompetent council official.


  3. The police pension is still incredibly generous when compared with what is available in the private sector. Chief Crompton would have to put away just over £2,000 a month, every month, from the day he put on his Constable’s helmet to the day he retired 30 years later. He would also have needed to average a 6 per cent annual return, after management charges and other fees. Only then would he have a £2 million pension pot.

    Of course Chief Crompton’s pension pot does not exist. His retirement income – like all other officers – will be paid out of the tax revenue that funds policing. The obligation is crippling the SYP and is set to get even worse as cuts mean that pensions will, inevitably, form an ever larger (and untouchable) proportion of the budget.


  4. Jan, you are wrong, his pension will paid out of the pension contributions made by current serving officers and that is a much higher percentage of their income than any other sector!


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