8 thoughts on “Diane Abbott’s version of ‘we are all in it together’

    • ‘Anti white racist bigot’ – I thought she was an ex lover of Corbyn? If that isn’t enough where is your evidence to back up such a claim Tom?


      • “”White people love playing ‘divide & rule’ ” …. Dianne Abbott .
        Only someone with a racist attitude would say such a thing indicating a “them” and “us” attitude.


    • Tom, I’m not at all on the same page as Diane on many issues, and perhaps she harbours some racial prejudice, a not unusual trait in all communities, but as the friend of a (white) single mother who was in desperate straits and being treated like dirt by Hackney council and whom Diane helped out I can testify she is a good woman with a big heart.


      • Didn’t this staunch Socialists, send her child to private school, instead of using a public one, yeah speak to talk of equality, except when it’s our own. Traitor


  1. What an interesting subject, on the subject of our national heritage going the drain, folk are losing their careers and we are losing jobs Roth Pol wants to have a gander at Diane (ARGH!!!), I despair.

    No other MP’s are subject to this, take note.

    Whats subjective now might be objective later.


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