Who is embarrassed at Sajid’s picture?

In the evening of Thursday last, I was surprised to receive a phone call from an unknown caller who without identifying the picture he was referring to, demanded I take it down immediately because it was said to be ’embarrassing’, the only other detail I could glean was it was a picture of Sajid Bostan.

Sajid Bostan was Vice-Chairman of the Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association, all round bully, thug and mentor to Shakoor Adalat, Labour Candidate for Rotherham East Ward in May.

When I tried to find out the identity of the offending picture, my caller accused me of knowing which one he was referring to, he also wanted to know who sent it to me? I politely told him, even if I knew, I would not be prepared to reveal sources.

The conversation then descended into farce and my mystery caller then told me to expect a solicitors letter, not from a local one, but a big hitter from the smoke, in the morning. Needless to say I have received nothing yet.

I was left thinking this could have been an early April 1st joke but just in case it isn’t and in order to identify definitively the picture/s he was referring to, I publish below all the pictures that have Sajid Bostan featured.

If my mystery caller, will be so good as to pick from those below and email me with his reasons, I can then consider his request.


Exhibit One


Exhibit Two


Exhibit Three


Exhibit Four


Exhibit Five


Exhibit Six


Exhibit Seven


Exhibit Eight


Exhibit Nine


Exhibit Ten


Exhibit Eleven


Exhibit Twelve


6 thoughts on “Who is embarrassed at Sajid’s picture?

  1. “…. told me to expect a solicitors letter, not from a local one, but a big hitter from the smoke, in the morning. ”
    Well with an intelligence operaring at that level it has to be someone associated with the Labour Party.
    My solicitors are in Central Manchester and they are one of the best in the UK – I will give him their number if he wants.


  2. Saw this elsewhere, thought it might have some relevance here.

    Sajid Bostan! That’s the man who told me they had “fixed the Council (Officers and Councillors), fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”


  3. I’d put my money on the copper…does anyone know his name?

    I know the guy who ws being bullied in the later stories..remember the story? He is happy for the photo’s to be reproduced,

    Sarah Champion wouldn’t dirty her hands.

    Whatever other Kashmiri think of Saj Boston, they wouldn’t get caught out criticising him.

    Odds on the Copper.



  4. the more i read about shakoor adalat the less trust i have in this man to be a councillor for east ward , against landlord scheme and a big buddy of bostan was this man vetted by labour party hq ?


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