What’s Going on at Rotherham East?

Last Friday an emergency email was sent out by the Regional Labour Party to its Rotherham members.

Candidate wanted for Rotherham East..apply immediately!  If you are interested, the selection process needs to be completed by the following Monday evening.

What on earth is going on? There were already three candidates in place: Tajmal Khan, Shakoor Adelat and Deborah Fenwick-Green.

Previously unknown Deborah had slipped in because Mosque Council members hadn’t read the rules about women only seats. They were however pacified by realising that Deborah’s lack of experience meant she would be little threat to the illegal landlord and taxi activities of a few of their members. Unlike Emma Wallis, her predecessor in the role of token woman, who rebelled and gave them grief.

So who has been dropped, or dropped themselves and why?

There have been rumours recently about bullying in the Labour Ward…are these matters linked?

Mary B Josephs

6 thoughts on “What’s Going on at Rotherham East?

  1. So is this Deborah Fenwick Green the same person that the Hellaby Labour Candidate refers to as our lass could be another double act on the council 50k a year in allowances


  2. It is feasible that people are taking key positions throughout Rotherham,
    as part of an overal plan to take control of the rotten borough…


    • Which is fine, so long as the people taking over aren’t just another bunch of crooks and gravy train riding, financially incompetent, politically correct, CSE denying oxygen thieves, who can’t see right from wrong. So far Jayne Senior seems to fit the bill, only another 62 to go 🙂


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