Going’s on at Rotherham East?

It can now be revealed the casualty on Labour’s Rotherham East slate of candidates, was indeed Shakoor Adalat!

Once it became known Shakoor was the representative of the Rotherham Slum Landlords and in whose name, legal action was entered into, against Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, it was perhaps, only a matter of time before Labour would withdraw him as a Candidate.

The answer to the question, did he jump, before was he pushed? Is not yet clear, but I am sure it soon will be.

Unless a reader can tell us more about these events, that is.


What’s Going on at Rotherham East?

Rotherham East Ward – Labour’s candidates revealed

Eastwood problems pile up


2 thoughts on “Going’s on at Rotherham East?

  1. what a stupid thing to do by the labour party to put someone who was against the landlord scheme in a area like eastwood with all the landlord problems labour still have a lot to learn


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