New panel to advise on handling extremist marches after violent clashes in Rotherham

New panel to advise on handling extremist marches after violent clashes in Rotherham

A new independent panel has been set up to advise police on dealing with extremist marches in South Yorkshire in the wake of serious disorder after a Britain First march in Rotherham.

The new panel is being established after a review into the trouble in September, which found police had failed to anticipate a ‘change in mood’ in the town’s Muslim community following a racist murder the month before the march.

The new panel, which includes members of the police’s Independent Ethics Panel and Independent Minority Communities Advisory Panel, will provide advice on handling future demonstrations and helped plan for the English Defence League demonstration in Rotherham on Saturday, March 26.

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12 thoughts on “New panel to advise on handling extremist marches after violent clashes in Rotherham

  1. The extremist behaviour normally comes from the left and the Asian youths at the last demonstration, do the authorities think we are stupid. Are Pegida to be classed as extremist as well, they don’t tolerate alcohol, chanting, football behaviour and attract families.


  2. If I understand this we are going to have a PC panel advising Pc’s how to do their jobs?
    We had a march/demo by extremists and our Top Cop ‘ failed to anticipate a ‘change in mood’ in the town’s Muslim community’ ?
    Ye gods!
    Not only did he fail to do his job he’s now going to take advice from a group who know nothing about policing and operational procedures. All in the name of ‘Ethics’ and ‘Minorities’.
    Time to toddle off with your pension sunshine-or grow a pair.


  3. Most of the arrests are from the UAF/SWP ranks.
    The left strategy is to cause disruption and chaos so that marches by groups that they don’t approve of , who don’t have the “correct way of thinking” , are banned.
    If the SWP/UAF were banned , there would be few arrests.
    The SWP/UAF “leadship” act as agent provocateurs pusshing on the canon foodder sheep that buy into their left-wing dogma.
    So now we have a “Independent Minority Communities Advisory Panel” – surely the words “independent” and “minority communities” produce an oxymoron ?
    Speaking personally, I don’t give a monkey’s fart if there is a “change in mood’ in the town’s Muslim community” – if they turn out to cause disorder, the job of the police is to arrest them , and in the case of a riot, to use tear gas.
    Only due the tolerance of the majority community in Rotherham (or is it apathy ) , the corruption and moral degeneracy within the South Yorkshire Police and Social Service have their “minority community” been allowed to pracice what is, in all but name ,a form of white slavery.

    there certainly should be a “change in mood” within the “minority comnmunity” . It is called shame.


    • Some disproportion here surely

      Andrew Lockley, Linda Christon, Ann Macaskill, Mohammad Ismail, Michael Lewis

      Independent Ethics Panel

      “Members of the panel include Abdul Khayum (Chair), Abtisan Mohamed, Athar Ahmad, Gulnaz Hussain, Ismail Yussaf, Maxwell Ayamba, Muhbeen Hussain, Muhammed Ali, Naeem Jarral, Renata Valickova, Saghir Alam, Shafqat Mirza and Sahir Ali.”

      Independent Advisory Panel

      Slight imbalance? Bit of a credibility gap?

      Independent of what and whom?

      Representatives of the community long targeted for systematic grooming don’t exactly leap off the page.


  4. One way of considering any proposal is to turn it on its head and see if that makes sense.

    Here, that would be “South Yorkshire Police refuses to consider advice, on dealing with marches, from an independent panel.”

    Now that doesn’t seem very clever to me.


    • @Janet Green
      “South Yorkshire Police refuses to consider advice……..”
      Have I missed a giant leap in logical thinking?

      Why does a highly paid Ch.Const. need a panel of advisors?
      ” Mr Crompton has overall responsibility for the Senior Command Team, and is the ACPO lead for Homicide Investigation and for Continuous Improvement.”

      The operative words are ‘ overall responsibility ‘.
      He doesn’t seem very clever to me.


  5. A mysteriously ‘independent’ board that appears to comprise minority interest groups and do gooders ensuring that the liberty of freedom of assembly is decided behind closed doors. It sounds like more pc pandering. Whilst entirely reasonable for decent Muslims to be concerned after the recent brutal murder. It is of concern that the advisory panel does not contain any voices from the people who have been protesting against the grooming too. Without this the effect is to give the impression that the left and the establishment are trying to give credence to their long held desire to shut out the opinions they don’t care to listen to.
    The advisory panel has no authority to stop anyone from doing as they wish, much as they might like. Any copper worth their salt would have advised against this.


  6. The police receive a lot of behind the scenes “training packages and input” from non-governmental organisations (eg the Community Security Trust) that have very powerful political connections with the Home Office and the Cabinet. Any ambitious officer who dares to ignore the NGOs’ input knows that their career development would not be helped.


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