Power station construction workers strike over pay

Power station construction workers strike over pay

WORKERS building a biomass power station in Templeborough blocked rush hour traffic in a dispute over pay.

Dozens of construction staff (pictured) picketed the Sheffield Road site this morning (Thursday), stopping traffic between Sheffield and Rotherham.

The strikers – members of the UCATT, GMB and Unite unions – later joined junior doctors picketing at Rotherham Hospital.

Ged Dempsey, union convenor for Unite, said the protest was “against exploitation”.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/102591/power-station-construction-workers-strike-over-pay.aspx

A few pictures:


5 thoughts on “Power station construction workers strike over pay

  1. Which cllr gave planning permission?

    Why did they not put any restrictions on the construction of the plant and caveat for local labour?

    This has allowed abuse and exploitation of foreign agency who are paid well below the rate?

    What conditions and cost of board for these agency workers?

    Did they get an inducement or kickback for allowing?


  2. Yet again.
    No MPs or Cllrs were on the picket line at this or the junior doctors protest. It was noticed!

    Is morning time to early for them?
    Working people have votes to cast.

    Says a lot on cllrs so called campaigning that amounts to a scrap of paper shoved thro doors. Wow


  3. Healey, Barron, Champion, Reed, only follow the TV Camera Tata much more in the news
    Much more coverage they will all be telling us to Vote to remain in the EU so we can keep importing cheap labour Vote Labour to look after Rotherham Jobs what hypocrisy


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