The Election for South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner

The Election for South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner is also under way.

These are the important election notices, latest first:



6 thoughts on “The Election for South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner

      • I don’t answer to Mr Wells, first name please. Simon Tweed is one of three candidates I am voting for, I just wish he would stand as an Independent. Simon has been one of the most helpful councillors around here from my perspective.


  1. In view of the Labour record for decades in Rotherham Tim It would be nice to know what exactly do the Labour Party stand for that makes anyone with any integrity want to sit in the same pew .


  2. Can I recommend the reading of that great children’s story by Hans Christian Anderson… The Emperors New Clothes….. 5 minutes is all it will take….See the clear analogy It took a child to see and acknowledge and declare what the crowds refused to see in spite of the plain undeniable evidence before their eyes…… That old story has the potential to change the historic tribal vote in May’s elections away from Labour…In my view there is nothing to loose……


  3. I met Gavin Felton at the Dinnington town council meeting last night. I really liked what he had to say, especially about re opening the police stations at Dinnington and Penistone, which are roughly the same size communities. I will be voting for Gavin and asking others to do the same. I just hope people vote for somebody who will bring back community policing and cut through the political garbage that stops the police doing their job.


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