Tragic Ayeeshia Jane Smith’s evil mother offered to SELL her to buy drugs

Tragic Ayeeshia Jane Smith’s evil mother offered to SELL her to buy drugs

Tragic Ayeeshia Jane Smith’s evil mother offered to SELL her to a friend so she could get cash to buy drugs, reports the Sunday People.

Kathryn Smith, who murdered the tot by stamping her to death, made the sick proposal to a friend while puffing on a cannabis joint.

The horrified friend told how monster mum Smith referred to her tragic daughter as “the brat” and ignored her crying in her bedroom while she got high.

She spoke out after Smith was convicted of murdering her daughter at her flat in Burton upon Trent, Staffs in May 2014. The toddler was so badly injured it looked like she had been in a car crash, experts said

The Rotherham link:

Child protection chief Ian Thomas now runs children’s services at Rotherham, the town at the centre of the Asian grooming scandal.

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Ayeeshia Jane Smith: Mum Kathryn Smith guilty of murder

Ayeeshia Jane Smith: Mum Kathryn Smith guilty of murder A mother has been found guilty of murdering her 21-month-old daughter, who died with injuries likened to those of a car crash victim. Kathryn Smith, 23, was also convicted of cruelty … Continue reading

15 thoughts on “Tragic Ayeeshia Jane Smith’s evil mother offered to SELL her to buy drugs

  1. The horrified friend ‘ spoke out ‘ after the child was murdered… Oh God….
    I wish she had offered the baby to me…..


    • No Linda; she spoke out after the mother was CONVICTED, so what kind of person is that, she didn’t even speak out at the trial to help convict the mother!!


  2. This one has got me fired up…
    I had, a few hours earlier, viewed a debate by that master debater Peter Hitchens at Sussex University on legalization of Cannabis in Britain. Those surly, snot nosed, spoiled brats pitting their puny wits against Hitchens are our future legislators . This should make the blood run cold in anyone hoping for a decent and safer future for our children and grandchildren….. Hitchens was able to dismiss the myth (War on Drugs ) immediately by asking for a hands up everyone in the audience who had used cannabis. Looked near enough to 100% to me…. Then he asked for a hands up for anyone prosecuted … I didn’t see one…. I rest my case….
    Mothers becoming monsters is completely against nature….What can turn a mother into a monster is very clear in this case and just about any other case you care to mention…. Drugs friends drugs…
    If people want to see what a war on drugs really looks like to bring about a safer society then one must look at a place like Singapore . Nobody living in Singapore or visiting that country is in any doubt about the penalty for introducing that mind altering substance that can turn people into zombies and narcissistic excuses for humanity…..
    Britain would need to ‘grow some’ to really make a war on drugs … If the debate in Sussex was any indication of the future of Britain….. well buckle up because you are in for a bloody awful ride and so are your offspring…
    I can imagine those cynical students at Sussex viewing their contributions to the Hitchens debate in 20 years time and wish the ground would swallow them up….
    In the meantime of course alien cultures look on contemptuously while we Western civilizations self destruct…


  3. PS .. Kathryn Smith’s ‘horrified ‘ friend wouldn’t be a pot smoker by any chance… I’d lay money on it she was, and this could well be the reason she didn’t get her ass into gear and save that baby while there was time….


    • Oh Linda, how absolutely right you are. Drug addicts in this country are treated as victims rather than the scum they actually are. The courts accept it as an excuse for committing crime, absolute bo***cks! As for the drug dealers, I have always believed this should be a capital offence with the appropriate punishment. They are worse than murderers as they destroy whole communities, let alone families. It’s time the law on drugs was tightened, NOT relaxed. The people who wish to legalise cannabis are idiots to the n’th degree and have no idea how addicts progress from cannabis on to the much harder and more destructive drugs.


      • Wow, you really are a moron. I was actually thinking you were joking around when I first read your comment.
        Drugs are going to be used whether they are legal or not. I was a regular cannabis user for several years, as are/were many people I know and you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t use it. Cannabis is not addictive. To people like me and others, it can be psychologically addictive, but this does not make it a gateway drug. Most people I know who have tried harder drugs have done it because of boredom, peer pressure… quite often there are dealers who will offer you harder drugs, and people think fuck it, why not?
        You clearly have no street knowledge, probably never even smoked a fag or have any first hand account of how addiction works. There is a real world outside Moorgate! Capital punishment (wow really?) still isn’t gonna stop anyone from lighting up a spliff. Drug users are not treated as victims, but when we do decriminalise drugs and adopt an approach where we support drug users/addicts, rather than punishing them and offering no solution to the root problem, you will actually see drug use fall like in EVERY country where this has been done. Portugal is a great example.
        There is a huge money making opportunity for the government if they were to decriminalise certain drugs. It’s time to start putting money into the hands of the public, not the black market. Your opinion is uninformed and one that very few people in this modern world share. Sorry, but it will happen soon. Deal with it 🙂


  4. Some people should not be allowed to breed IMV.

    If you breed dogs for example and subjected young dogs to this kind of treatment it is very likely you will be prosecuted-and rightly so.
    Kathryn Smith is another one of life’s failures however the questions that should be asked include;
    Why didn’t the Godmother say and do something when she knew Ayeesha was scavenging food from waste bins? Why didn’t Smith’s neighbours make a song and dance about Ayeesha’s ill treatment to the police and social services?
    Once again Social Services is under the spotlight, how many more ‘Lessons will be learnt’ guff will be spouted by so called guardians of the vulnerable?
    If Thacker the Child Snatcher can remove children from their parents on the basis of her questionable political beliefs then we must ask why Ayeesha was left to die by equally politically correct failed do-gooders?


    • Good question Colin… Just been reading of little Baby Peter also….. It’s the stuff that keeps you awake at night. 60 visits from Social welfare in the last 6 months of his life. Failure by Dr to report the obvious signs of brutality to a child. Description of the house enough to make any person with a brain and a heart to rescue that little boy…. And of course I would lay money on the fact drugs played a very important part in this deplorable situation….
      One reason I think people don’t report this type of situation Colin is , very often the extended family are all pissing in the same pot when it comes to drugs and booze and all the spill over effects of it… There is an elephant in the room but drugs can assist them to ignore it , look the other way and justify themselves.. (It’s nowt to do wi me)
      You ask why the Godmother didn’t do anything…. What a farce. The Christian definition of a ‘Godmother’ is someone who will love, nurture and encourage the child in the principles of the Christian faith… Even the church responsible for this needs a good check up and if necessary a rark up to get real about who they give this responsibility to….
      Failure on every level…
      As for the deplorable situation in Rotherham regarding removal of children on account of the foster parents voting UKIP…. I have first hand knowledge of asking a RMBC councilor ( also a relative ) how this could happen and he seemed perfectly comfortable with the reply that UKIPers are ‘racist’ .


    • In the case of Matthew Rigby Colin I absolutely agree. In the country I live each Spring we see little boy lambs get emasculated by the thousand….Poor little things don’t like it, especialy the ones who come last and the knife gets a bit blunted….In Mr Rigby’s case a blunt knife would be preferable….


  5. Absolutely right Linda, once again political correctness is the reason this child was not saved. I remember when I was a police officer, on a number of occasions, if I visited a house where there were children and the conditions were, in my opinion, too bad for them to live in, I would immediately take them to a place of safety. The days after were always followed by the bleatings of the social workers, mainly the office bound ones, who insisted on the child/children being with their natural mother. As an adoptive parent, I found this most objectionable as any child should be with the person who loves and cares for them the most.
    The best people I know who could deal with these situations were the uniformed NSPCC Inspectors (I’m going back to the 1960’s now) who would stop at nothing to rescue a child and that was a time when there really was poverty.


  6. I hope you pointed out to your relative that it is RMBC Labour Group who are racist. It is their political correctness which makes them racists, racists against all those people who care for Rotherham.


  7. A desperately tragic and appalling case, the woman has been sentenced to life – good.

    this was the headline item on the BBC News at 6 one evening last week, it was well covered.

    This was also the day another Rochdale grooming rape gang was sentenced. I don’t think this item item lasted 10 seconds, I caught “Rochdale…group of men….mainly Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin…convicted….sentenced…..” from a sheepish looking Sophie Raworth.

    Considering that this was the latest trial of the epidemic hardly adequate I would have thought.

    Where was the reporting of the nature of the offences, the length of the sentences, the photos and background of the abused? Where was the context? After all this was the 5th such Rochdale trial since 2010.

    The BBC is a disgrace, and people should not be forced to pay for such crass lefty spin.


  8. Matthew Rigby…..Three and a half years for something so monstrous it defies comprehension…In 2 years this slime of humanity will hear the prison gates close behind him and his first thoughts will no doubt be to get to the first pub, get the first fix and find some willing ( probably drug addicted female) to pass on his DNA to. Another cycle, another unfortunate vulnerable child, another tragedy…… British justice for ya…….


  9. Again children’s services found wanting we in Rotherham know about that, and how well was Ian Thomas vetted surely as leader of children’s services he had some knowledge. We are paying extra supposedly for better quality officers lets hope that is the case, to pay over the odds is wrong but then all this was brought about the UNFIT FOR PURPOSE LABOUR council over many years being politically correct has cost Rotherham victims pain and suffering which some will never forget lets hope for the future of Rotherham children the services do improve


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