Revealed: Doncaster MP Caroline Flint’s tax return

Revealed: Doncaster MP Caroline Flint’s tax return

Doncaster MP Caroline Flint has lifted the lid on her finances by publicing her tax details.

It follows Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to publish his own tax details yesterday.

Ms Flint revealed her total taxable Income for 2104/15 was £58,724, for which her total tax paid was £12,965.80

She is the first of Doncaster’s MPs to publish the details.

She said: “I want to see more openness through the tax system, so I have no objection to providing details of my income and tax paid. It’s not very exciting, as it includes no offshore investments, family trusts or income from exotic sources.

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3 thoughts on “Revealed: Doncaster MP Caroline Flint’s tax return

  1. Tax returns only show what you have told the taxman not that you have stashed your money away in offshore accounts
    Also did MPs pay tax on the profits they made from selling off tax payers funded homes in London the ones the bought using intrest only mortgages which the tax payer paid the interest then they sell them and pocket upwards of £500,000 maybe that should be probed


  2. All the shout from Corbyn and we find out he was fined for failing to submit his tax returns on time!! “Do as I say not as I do” comes to mind, typical communist thinking.


  3. I am told her husband is her office manager (how did he get that job)? Remuneration rumoured to be as high as £40K pa. In addition he has a nice supplementary income from his allowance as a Doncaster councillor (how did he get that job)?Remuneration about £12K pa.
    Ms Flint’s sanctimonious posturing on transparency looks rather more murky when the household income from the public purse as a whole is viewed.


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