Ayesha & Derbyshire Serious Case Review



9 thoughts on “Ayesha & Derbyshire Serious Case Review

  1. Orchestrated neglect by all who witnessed this appalling brutality…. Sick and tired of excuses and promises by Social Services to ‘improve’ the quality of care…Spineless excuses for humanity to see what they saw and walk away.
    The blood of these little ones is on their hands and may live in permanent fear of their own demise because accountability surely must be paid in this life or the next…..


    • To Linda

      The significant point is that death of Ayesha occurred under Ian Thomas’s watch in May 2014. By October he had been appointed to RMBC starting January 2015. Being the only applicant and convincing them that he wears his underpants on the outside he held the selection panel to ransom and asked for an extra £30k which foolishly and in desperation Paul Lakin gave him.

      Questions by the selection panel regarding deaths of children and Serious Case Reviews occurring Thomas’s time in Derbyshire should have been asked. If they had he should not have been appointed and if not, shame on the panel. quite simply they didn’t know what they were doing.

      His first public speech at a conference in March 2015 was to blame schools and deflect away from RMBC and SYP. Oh and to say he had the most difficult job inn Britain. Really? Ask a trawlerman, someone who cleans the insides of blast furnaces, a miner or steel worker. The list is endless.

      This is the same man who sat for two days at the Election count at Magna in May 2015 kicking his heels and wandering around. What a waste of an expensive salary and time.

      Since his arrival. Thomas’s performance and value urgently needs to be assessed. He ‘talks a poor talk’ and never ‘walks anything’. His only strategy is to build a coterie of ex Derbyshire colleagues. All of whom were around when this tragic little girl lost her life so unnecessarily. His latest appointment of a very expensive Deputy is from the same stable.

      Those of you who saw Harry Gration’s shock at Thomas’s responses in a recent Look North interview regarding accountability and ‘whom would he be holding to account?’ will still be squirming at the b******t he gave. His casual introduction to the response of ‘ well Harry’ was inappropriate as he hoped ‘chumminess’ would get him off the hook.

      It was all about ‘systems and processes for improvement’ and nothing else. Harry Gration and his co presenter looked totally bemused and glazed over at his weak response. How long does he think he can go on talking rubbish an be unaccountable?


      • “His latest appointment of a very expensive Deputy is from the same stable.”

        In charge of Safeguarding Children at Derbyshire CC at the time, unless I’m mistaken? Once again to be clear, I’m not suggesting Mr Thomas, Ms Meggs or any of the other recent arrivals from Derbyshire CC have done anything wrong, but clearly there are question to be asked over what they knew/ didn’t know in relation to this tragic case, and also what the inteviewing panels at RMBC were made aware of prior to appointing them.


  2. The scale of human brutality in ordinary homes in ordinary streets against children and babies brought mind this poem by Alfred J Hough 1848-1922…. It makes more sense to me than anything I’ve read in the above article

    I hope you give it some space Rik.

    Men don’t believe in the Devil now
    As their fathers used to do
    They reject one creed because it’s old
    For another because it’s new.

    There’s not a print of his cloven foot
    Nor a fiery dart from his bow
    To be found in the earth or air today
    At least, they declare it so.

    But who mixes the fatal draught
    That palsies the heart and brain
    And loads the bier with each passing year
    with a hundred thousand slain.

    And who blights the bloom of the land today
    With the fiery breath of hell
    If it isn’t the devil that does the work
    Who does? won’t somebody tell.

    If the devil is voted not to be
    Is the verdict, therefore true
    Somebody is surely doing the work
    The devil was thought to do.

    We may say the devil has never lived
    We may say the devil is gone
    But simple people would like to know
    Who carries his business on…


  3. There seems to no limits to the perverted thinking of these two deviants…… Smith gives Rigby a locket with the child’s cremated remains…… Even in death the remains of the child are now in the possession of the one responsible for her cruel murder…. This SURELY constitutes desecration of human remains and should be punishable by a prison sentence. The maximum punishment allowed for this grotesque gesture of the mother….Is there nobody who loves the child enough to pursue these monsters to the limit and recover the child’s remains and place them in a peaceful and beautiful place at last……


  4. After baby Peter we were told “lessons have been learned”. After every cruel infanticide we get a chorus of regret. Then we wait a while and another innocent is tossed to the demons.
    It seems to be social work itself across our nation is unfit for purpose.


  5. There was a time, not so long ago, when the punishment actually fitted the crime. Inept social workers and police paralysed by an all-pervading political correctness. Sound familiar? All seem more concerned with preventing reputational damage than with doing anything to protect children. Of course let us not forget what is really at stake here. High salaries and index linked pensions, the retention of which is the main driver for senior public sector management. Call me a cynic if you like.


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  7. I have been told by a social worker that they have been instructed to do every thing possible to make sure a child remains with the parent/s . That the cost of removing a vulnerable child and rehoming in foster care or a children’s home is monumental, that the budgets have to be considered. We have seen this sort of abuse going on for decades, lessons are not learned, Victoria Climbie, Baby P and so on. We read these sad abuse cases , make appropriate noises and then do nothing. When it is all societies responsibility, yet we are too scared to step in those who need our protection. Sad indictment of our society, we are supposed to be civilized. Shame.


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