Teenage son of Rotherham child abuser handed curfew for intimidating child sex abuse victim

Teenage son of Rotherham child abuser handed curfew for intimidating child sex abuse victim

A Rotherham teenager charged with witness intimidation over a child sex exploitation case in the town has been handed a community order.

Kaleem Ali, aged 18, of Clough Road, Masborough, appeared at Rotherham Magistrates Court charged with witness intimidation and was found guilty last month.

The court heard Ali approached a child sex exploitation victim in Rotherham in March 2015.

Ali’s father, Qurban Ali, was jailed for the sexual abuse of 15 young girls in the town.

Read on… http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/teenage-son-of-rotherham-child-abuser-handed-curfew-for-intimidating-child-sex-abuse-victim-1-7848231

Grooming gang member’s son handed community order for intimidating victim

THE teenage son of Rotherham child sex abuse gang member Qurban Ali has been handed a community order after being found guilty of witness intimidation.

Kaleem Ali (18), of Clough Road, Masborough, appeared at Rotherham Magistrates’ Court last month where he denied the offence but was found guilty after trial.

The court heard how Ali approached a child sexual exploitation victim, who gave evidence in the recent crown court trial, in Rotherham in March last year.

Read on… http://www.rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk/news/102680/grooming-gang-member-s-son-handed-community-order-for-intimidating-victim.aspx

Abuser’s son sentenced for intimidation

The son of a man jailed as part of a gang who groomed and abused teenage girls in Rotherham has been given a community order after being found guilty of witness intimidation.

Read on… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-36030212

19 thoughts on “Teenage son of Rotherham child abuser handed curfew for intimidating child sex abuse victim

  1. Well the apple hasn’t fallen very far from the tree has it?….. Of course the sentence for threatening a victim of his brutal father is enough to strike fear into the heart of any young punk… Goodness ,he can’t party for the next 12 weeks A restraining order for 3 years ( which nobody can police) and a very severe telling off from the magistrate ” This sort of thing will not be tolerated and we will do whatever we can to bring these individuals before the court” should be enough to scare the s..t out him…. It’s a joke… the punk knows it and we all know it….
    The only hope for Rotherham and it’s citizens will be a vote for an individual who is able to swim against the tide of Labour tribalism . I would plead with Jayne Senior to not tarnish herself with a red rosette …. Gavin Felton says the right things, he is worth a try…..
    The next few weeks will determine the future of Rotherham for good or bad.


  2. Witness intimidatio – 12 weeks curfew – community order – restraining order – rruly absurd.
    The slob is 18. He should have been sent to gaol. It’s a joke.
    Looks to me like Rotherham is still plagued with idiots running the town.


    • Sent to gaol, you’re kidding, he should be deported along with ALL his family. We should not allow this filth to live in this country. Get rid of them!!!


  3. Linda,
    This quote might be relevant when we see misplaced old loyalties:

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled”
    Mark Twain.

    Yes, I too hope Jayne Senior keeps a safe neutral distance from Labour politicians.


    • If Rotherham return a Labour run council Morgan, I think I will stop blogging on this sight….Too hard on the blood pressure of an old girl like me…
      If I’m still above ground before May 5th I’ll keep up the pressure to bring this particular Labour Council down…
      Technology gives me the opportunity from the other side of the world to be involved in the future of the town I once lived in and loved…


      • Sadly I read in her book that Jayne Senior was approached by Champion and got involved with the very political party that was at the root of the “political correctness” that encouraged the groom and rape gangs. Labour bear that taint.
        The irony is that she may fall for the befriending and seduction methods politically that all those children fell for sexually.
        Only Labour can gain in this relationship and when they have done with her they will spit her out and revile her.


  4. The sentence for this yob is a sick joke. CPS should appeal it as too lenient. The magistrates should have sent him to the Crown Court for sentence. He should be serving time – witness intimidation is a serious matter.
    As regards Jane Senior – I hope she wins her seat at the election., The old guard Labour naysayers will not get an easy time with her in their midst. Hope we get a good amount of new, uncorrupted faces in Town Hall Towers to shake things up. One can but hope !


    • Hi Xinsider…
      Not sure whether you think Jayne would be more effective as a Labour councilor or not. Nobody been able to submit a good reason why this would be her better choice.
      I personally see no advantage to her role whatsoever inside the den of incompetent fools. ( Prof Jay’s assessment of them not mine)…. To do so would go against all tried and true wisdom of the ages.
      Quote… ‘A man/woman is known by the company he/she keeps’ still applies.
      A better one still .” Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm”
      If Jayne thinks her best choice is inside Labour has she has publically stated her reasons… Not much time left for her to choose the honourable path for both herself and Rotherham….


      • PS… If Jayne reads these blogs I would just like to say ; this is your chance Jayne to make a breach in the wall of a corrupt system that can only happen from the outside…
        Stratergies of war apply in cases like yours…
        I wish you and Rotherham’s honourable people well….You may be a small ray of hope perhaps….


      • @ Linda Wheeler

        Why would Labour be her better choice? Well, historically speaking, you could put a red rosette on an unpolished turd in Rotherham and it’d be voted in, so she’s much more likely to get elected if she stands for Labour. Sad, but true. But I suspect there is more to it than just that:

        “this is your chance Jayne to make a breach in the wall of a corrupt system that can only happen from the outside”

        Never heard the tale of the Wooden Horse of Troy Linda? Historically speaking, the Rotherham Labour Group are extremely resistant to ideas from outside, no matter how sound your thinking, nor how much you tell them their own latest bright idea won’t work. They don’t listen to UKIP Councillors, they don’t listen to Independent Councillors, and when it comes to Public Opinion, they hear to what they want to hear. They pretend to listen and then do whatever they want to do, whatever they had decided beforehand. They only really listen to ideas generated within their own little bubble. So she has to get inside to be truly heard since, if she was elected as an Independent she’d have very little influence in reality. But as a Labour Councillor, they’d listen. If she’s elected (which seems a dead certainty) I don’t think it will be too long before she’ll be made Cabinet Member for Children and Young Peoples Services, and who better for the job? Everyone wins:

        Labour wins because it would show a real effort to change, increasing public confidence, Childrens Services wins because they would have a Cabinet member who KNOWS what’s really going on and what needs to change, thus the public, and in particular the children of Rotherham would win because Childrens Services would inevitably improve. And Jayne Senior wins too, because she’ll be able to do the job she KNOWS needs doing, and I get the feeling she’s got a bee in her bonnet about it all and won’t rest until it’s done.

        I’d say she’s playing it smart. We could do with a few more like her to be honest.


      • Hi R Wilde , thanks for the comment… Just picked it up…Which I have given some thought to it… I do have a question though about your comment ” they (Labour) only listen to people inside their own little bubble” Wasn’t Peter Thirlwall frog marched from council chambers twice for asking the wrong question or rather insisting on an answer to a legitimate one…. Think about it… As I remember he was a died in the wool Lobourite….A very strong personality too…


    • In her book Jayne Senior stated that the skill she brought to youth work was to be able to listen. Now it is stated that Rotherham Labour never listen. The only use she is to them as a member is to be able to marginalise her. She was politically groomed and I find that ironic. I do wish her luck because she will need it in spades.


    • Sentencing guidelines state aggravating factors should be taken into account, and they were: he pleaded not guilty and whether the offence had any effect upon the victim.
      She stated she was shaking and crying whilst he took photographs of her and her son and the car. She has said she does not feel safe knowing he is free. This sentence should definitely be appealed on the grounds it is too lenient and has no deterrent affect.


      • The CPS should grow some balls and a) appeal the sentence and b) add another charge of Attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice which is exactly what he was trying to do. This piece of Pakistani filth should at the very least be behind bars for a good number of years with a deportation order at the end of it!
        PS even if he was born here, we don’t want this filth infesting and infecting our country!


  5. Isn’t this the same kid who was been racist and spitting at elderly women in town centre then picked on wrong person who dropped him.


  6. He is the BROTHER of the kid who was being racist and spitting at elderly women in town centre then picked on wrong person who dropped him. Also the brother of the 2 who were sent down for attempted murder when they half killed a man with a crowbar in a rotherham barbers shop about 8 years ago ( they’re out now ) also the cousin of the thug who killed a 17 year old girl ( White ) and threw her body like a piece of trash in to the canal
    Yeah MAGISTRATE wot a good deed you did giving this fine upstanding citizen a second chance
    we’ll all sleep better in our beds knowing we have fine magistrates like you to look out for us WHAT A JOKE !!!!!


  7. On a charge as serious as this was there should be a deterrent effect in the sentence. This pathetic sentence wouldn’t deter anybody. It was stated in mitigation he has learning difficulties. They weren’t that serious as to preventing him working a camera to take photos of her and her child and to make the comment, “I know who you are”. If this sentence is allowed to stand then this is a travesty of justice.


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