Labour activists seek rule change to ban anti-Semitic members

Labour activists seek rule change to ban anti-Semitic members

Labour MPs and activists are trying to change party rules to make it easier to expel anti-Semitic members, with clear cases to result in a lifetime ban.

Local parties are set to vote on a proposed change in the coming weeks.

The move follows accusations that leader Jeremy Corbyn has been slow to act on prejudice against Jews.

Mr Corbyn has said Labour is “resolute” in tackling anti-Semitism, saying anyone who commits anti-Semitic acts is “auto-suspended” pending an inquiry.

The shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, has said people who express anti-Semitic views should be expelled for life.

But Jeremy Newmark from the Jewish Labour Movement said the party’s current rules do not match commitments from Labour’s leadership.

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10 thoughts on “Labour activists seek rule change to ban anti-Semitic members

  1. What about the Zionist attacks on Palestinian it’s people and former homelands?

    Ethnic cleansing of Palestinians?

    Labour’s friends of Israel in deafening silence?


    • Are you anti- Semitic Ged?. Your comment indicates you are only partialy familiar with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which goes back centuries…. My own perception on Labour’s stance on this subject is more about the Jewish Labour Movements votes than any real concern about resolution between these two ancient peoples….
      When people are fighting for their very existence on both sides they don’t act in ways outsiders believe they should….It pays to be careful taking sides in this ancient conflict….We got enough problems of our own……


    • I find it sad Ged is being accused of being an anti-Semite, however, I do not find this a shock.

      For so many years now folk like me, Jews and others have been called ‘anti-Semites’ and it’s quite frankly disgusting.

      I’ll stick with the Jews who had their parents tortured by the racist regime in israel and other folk that can advocate for those subject such wicked things.

      I find it odd that this conversation would take place – but it has done before, much to my disdain.


      • Paddy… re read my comment… No accusation but a question…Do not misquote me. Ged is well able to answer the question without help…. Wouldn’t you say!


      • Ged can answer it in his own time if he wants but I am putting my view forward in a public forum.

        All of this doesn’t stop hatred of any sort…it does make people feel one set of hate should be placed above another and thats wrong.


    • Hi, Ged and Paddy, It might be helpful for you to youtube (Arab student challenges Prof David Horowitz at UCSD hosted by Young Americans for Freedom) I have no more to say on the matter….


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